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Latest Headlines

True North snags $22M and sets course for the clinic with a rare disease drug

Two months removed from a deal that sent her last biotech to Bristol-Myers Squibb for up to $725 million, CEO Nancy Stagliano isn't wasting any time, setting sights on rare diseases with True North Therapeutics, her latest venture, and locking down a $22 million A round to move forward.

Accelera signs up for pioneering CAR-T research

Preclinical CRO Accelera has teamed up with French biotech Cellectis to investigate a cancer therapy in the promising CAR-T class, treatments that use a patient's own T cells to attack tumors....

GSK spinout Convergence ponders IPO leap as new wave of offerings crests

GlaxoSmithKline spinout Convergence Pharmaceuticals reported some positive results for a Phase II study of its pain drug today, setting up a Phase III launch early next year as the biotech ponders a possible IPO in either the U.S. or the U.K. after some pioneers finally managed to break into the British exchange.

InVentiv, Oncobiologics kick off their biosimilar alliance, target Humira

CRO inVentiv Health and biotech partner Oncobiologics have a plot to cash in on the burgeoning market for knockoffs of biotech drugs, and the two have begun development on a biosimilar of the blockbuster Humira.

What's next in diabetes drugs? The pulse of R&D at ADA14

Convening in San Francisco for the annual conference of the American Diabetes Association this weekend, drugmakers angled for the spotlight in a field made up mostly of similar treatments with small differentiations that could spell the difference between blockbuster sales and also-ran status.

Boehringer, Lilly creep up on Sanofi with Lantus biosimilar

Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim say their in-development Lantus biosimilar proved as safe and effective as its reference treatment across 6 clinical trials.

Intarcia's once-a-year diabetes treatment shines in early PhIII results

Boston's Intarcia Therapeutics, has a trusting investor syndicate backing its solo efforts to develop a late-stage GLP-1 treatment, and a peek at the company's interim data on the once-a-year drug helps explain their faith.

Sanofi and med tech giant Medtronic join forces on diabetes

Sanofi has formed an alliance with medical device titan Medtronic to develop combo therapies that can improve patient adherence and simplify insulin treatment for the world's roughly 350 million sufferers of Type 2 diabetes.

Novo touts one-year data for its diabetes tandem therapy

Combine the blockbuster GLP-1 drug Victoza with a long-acting insulin and you get a treatment greater than the sum of its parts, according to Novo Nordisk, which unveiled promising new data on its diabetes cocktail IDegLira.

Bluebird's gene therapy 2.0 weans beta-thalassemia patients off blood transfusions

Gene therapy 2.0 at bluebird bio is demonstrating some early signs of success with an upgrade to its experimental therapy for the genetic blood disorder beta-thalassemia demonstrating promising results in a pair of patients, weaning them off the regular blood transfusions needed to stay alive.