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Latest Headlines

Ex-BGI CEO's next move? A $1.6B push to find a 'formula for life'

Jun Wang, who stepped down as CEO of Chinese sequencing giant BGI last month, has told Nature News what he wants to do next. The tentative plan is to raise $1.6 billion, gather samples from 1 million people and analyze them with a supercomputer to uncover a "formula for life."

Venter's HLI plans to ramp up sequencing capacity as more pharma deals near fruition

J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity, Inc., is working toward new deals with biopharma companies. And the completion of the agreements could lead to a ramping up of HLI's already massive sequencing capacity.

EyeGate ekes out a tiny IPO to fund its R&D efforts

Massachusetts' EyeGate Pharmaceuticals picked up $10 million in an IPO do-over, raising cash to support its sole clinical candidate.

Scientists create noninvasive spinal stimulation tech to help paralyzed move

Spinal cord stimulation is the med tech trend du jour, and researchers are harnessing the technology to create a noninvasive method that helps restore movement in paralyzed individuals.

Amgen lops another 6% off its R&D budget amid wide cost cuts

Amgen, long criticized over its appetite for moonshot R&D projects, scaled back its research budget by more than 10% in the second quarter, part of a companywide effort to cut costs while advancing a make-or-break pipeline.

AstraZeneca isn't giving up on brodalumab despite its links to suicide

Amgen shocked the industry in May when it cut ties with an AstraZeneca-partnered psoriasis treatment after spotting alarming rates of suicidal thoughts among patients taking the antibody. But its former collaborator is remaining optimistic about the once-promising treatment, tentatively moving toward an FDA filing.

Abbott moves more into mitral valve med tech, to buy startup for $250M and options another

Abbott will buy two mitral valve replacement startups, moving it even further into med tech after a series of high-profile deals last year. It obviously sees the sector as a way for it to plan for long-term growth--since its innovative biopharma candidates went with AbbVie when the companies split in early 2013.

FibroGen's anemia drug, not yet approved, is a hit among cheating cyclists

FibroGen's in-development treatment for anemia is still in the midst of Phase III development, but thanks to a legal loophole, the pill has made its way into the world of competitive cycling, where its red blood cell-boosting effects can give athletes an advantage.

Sanofi looks to go to FDA in Q4 as diabetes combo LixiLan hits goal in trial

Sanofi has gotten a bit of positive reinforcement in its efforts to revive its diabetes business in the U.S. Experimental combo med LixiLan has thrown off some promising results, hitting its primary goal in a late-stage trial.

Johns Hopkins researchers unveil low-cost smartphone test for chlamydia

As the diagnostics industry zeroes in on rapid point-of-care tests, a team of scientists from the Johns Hopkins University is developing an innovative smartphone diagnostic for chlamydia that could improve screening for the disease.