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Latest Headlines

Pfizer to partner with South African university on preclinical research

The partnership may include the use of Pfizer's genetically modified animal models to evaluate the safety and efficacy of therapeutic molecules in oncology, inflammation, immunology, central nervous system and cardiovascular system disorders.

Mersana grabs a $792M ADC development pact with Merck KGaA

Mersana Therapeutics has inked another antibody-drug conjugate development pact, this time with the R&D team at Merck KGaA in Germany.

Merck targets Alzheimer's in $526M collaboration on new cognitive treatment

Last summer, Bionomics struck a $172 million discovery deal on new pain meds with Merck. And now the pharma giant has come back to the bargaining table to bag a much bigger collaboration with the Adelaide, Australia-based biotech, paying $20 million upfront and promising up to $506 million in milestones to collaborate on a new Alzheimer's drug.

UC San Diego to lead $2M statewide brain research project

The University of California, San Diego is launching its own project to supplement President Obama's Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, unveiled in April 2013.

Tips for a successful relationship with a CRO

More and more device companies are turning to contract research organizations for assistance in managing their clinical trials, something that is commonplace in the biopharma world. The first ever Partnerships in Medical Device Trials Conference was recently held in Chicago.

Apple, Google stalk wearable med tech with glucose monitoring up first

Internet giants are busy spinning plans for wearables ahead of Google's developer conference in San Francisco, CA, this week. But it's not quite clear yet what medical applications these new devices will have and how they will be regulated.

Roche partners with Versant on a new build-to-sell biotech on MS

Roche has turned to its incubation partners at Versant Venture's Inception Sciences to create a virtual biotech which will set out to spawn new therapies that can repair the damaged nerves of patients with multiple sclerosis.

Japanese CRO taps BBK for a U.S. joint venture

Japan's CROèe, a patient-recruitment-focused contractor, has deepened its ties with partner BBK, launching a joint venture in the U.S. to provide a gateway into the country's growing market for drug development.

Quintiles partners up to flex its commercial muscles

Quintiles believes in better drug sales through data analytics, signing a deal with a marketing-optimization company to pool resources and figure out how to better reach physicians on behalf of its commercialization clients.

Merck JV plans to show up J&J, Sanofi with low-cost cholera vaccine

While the world already has a pair of cholera vaccines that have been proven safe and effective, it lacks a low-cost option that can stay effective without cold storage in impoverished areas where the disease hits hardest. And with a new partnership, that's exactly what Merck's Indian joint venture is looking to change.