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Latest Headlines

Propeller partners with managed care provider for pilot trial of asthma smart inhalers

Propeller is quickly lining up smart inhaler partnerships. It's just disclosed a sixth deal with a health system or biopharma company--that's in the last 6 months alone. This time, it's a partnership with Medicare and Medicaid-focused health provider Molina Healthcare of New Mexico.

Celgene, Novartis back precision medicine analytics startup after recent board addition from CMS

COTA has staked out its claim to having the first and only digital classification system to unite a number of significant prognostic variables into one digital code aimed at guiding healthcare provider and payer decision-making.

Medtronic, Qualcomm partner for disposable, connected Type 2 diabetes continuous glucose monitors

The largest continuous blood glucose monitor player, Medtronic, has started an ambitious project with partner Qualcomm that's expected to lead to a disposable continuous glucose monitor for the enormous underserved Type 2 diabetes population in developing nations.

Roche to sell Senseonics implantable glucose sensor system in some EU countries

Roche's Diabetes Care has signed a deal with implantable glucose sensor company Senseonics to sell its Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The deal comes just after a CE mark for the system earlier this month.

GE Healthcare, Endra partner to improve point-of-care ultrasound for fatty liver

GE Healthcare has partnered with Endra Life Sciences to develop the startup's Thermo-Acoustic Enhanced UltraSound. The aim is to develop ultrasound systems capable of imaging a variety of tissue functions and compositions as well as monitoring therapeutic interventions--at the point of care.

Propeller Health partners with Vectura in latest smart inhaler deal

Propeller Health has relied on dealmaking to expand in the smart inhaler field, and its latest move follows in the same vein. The company is partnering with Vectura Group to develop digitally connected sensors for chronic respiratory diseases.

Philips nabs fifth major North American hospital deal in enterprise managed services effort

Royal Philips, like many major medical device and imaging players, is looking to secure sizable long-term deals with hospitals. The idea is not only to secure future Philips revenues but also to cement a partnership that could result in more fruitful efforts at value-based healthcare, thereby meeting one of the most profound hospital needs.

Let's make a med tech deal: J&J, Medtronic, Apple, Google sit on piles of cash

Med tech is attracting a huge range of strategic investors right now. Healthcare is almost universally recognized as in need of rationalization--the application of technology in the effort to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. Medical devices and diagnostics, and the data that they generate, are expected to be central to achieving that goal in the coming decades.

J&J to enter structural heart devices, details Verb strategy in robotic surgery

Johnson & Johnson has pledged annual growth for its medical device business of about 4% to 6% through 2020. To drive that, it's looking to further enhance its fastest growing market segments while getting to market in surgical robotics and entering structural heart devices, the company told investors on May 18.

Medtronic enters robotic spinal surgery in a partnership with, investment in Israeli small cap

Medtronic has made its long-awaited entrance into robotic surgery in a deal with small cap Israeli player Mazor Robotics. The investment will likely be for more than $50 million and will come in three potential tranches. It will result in Medtronic owning about 15% of Mazor, if all the tranches are executed.