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Latest Headlines

PPD's X-Chem strikes another deal with Bayer

X-Chem, the biotech that operates from within PPD, signed a second agreement with partner Bayer, outlicensing a second discovery-stage program.

UPDATED: J&J steps up with $700M deal for MacroGenics' blood cancer drug, shares spike

Johnson & Johnson is fronting $125 million to gain the worldwide license on a bispecific cancer drug from MacroGenics, with up to $575 million more promised in prospective milestones for a successful development program. And the biotech says that the deal marks the beginning of a new program for a drug designed to stir a T cell attack against blood cancers.

Evotec banks $10M from its risk-sharing research projects

German contract developer Evotec pocketed €8 million ($10 million) from its ongoing R&D collaborations with Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, capping a big year for the innovative company.

Gilead buys into Ono's cancer drug as it scales up in oncology

Gilead Sciences is pushing further into oncology R&D, teaming up with Ono Pharmaceutical on a cancer treatment that could complement its first major success in the field.

Lilly makes amends with Adocia in $570M diabetes deal

Eli Lilly is buying back into Adocia's pitch for a fast-acting insulin, reversing an earlier decision and signing a collaboration deal worth up to $570 million.

PPD partners up with ERT for data collection

PPD has signed a data-minded deal with the collection experts at ERT, a partnership the companies believe will help their clients conduct more efficient trials.

Infraredx to collaborate on cardiovascular imaging R&D with Mass General

Infraredx is collaborating with Massachusetts General Hospital and its coronary imaging researcher Dr. Gary Tearney in a bid to further research and develop combination technologies that provide information about patients' coronary disease.

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics launches Astute Medical's acute kidney injury test in U.S. hospitals

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics rolled out Astute Medical's test for acute kidney injury in U.S. hospitals, chalking up a milestone in the companies' push to commercialize the product.

Ortho-Clinical rolls out acute kidney injury diagnostic in the U.S.

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics announced that the NephroCheck diagnostic test for acute kidney injury is now available nationwide to hospitals, marking another step forward for the product that put developer Astute Medical among this year's Fierce 15 med tech companies.

Fresenius adds blood purification tech to its dialysis offerings via partnership

Dialysis magnate Fresenius Medical Care, a leading provider of hemodialysis machines, has entered into a partnership to help commercialize the cytokine absorber CytoSorb to combat sepsis and other infections that can lead to organ failure. The financial terms of the pact were not disclosed.