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Latest Headlines

Regeneron inks a $325M deal, selling Asian rights to a pain treatment

Regeneron is handing off the Asian rights to its in-development musculoskeletal pain treatment for up to $325 million, handing the antibody over to a subsidiary of Japanese giant Mitsubishi.

Illumina expands in China with cancer Dx deal

Illumina is joining forces with China's Amoy Diagnostics to create next-generation sequencing cancer tests for the Chinese clinical market, expanding its footprint in the country while strengthening its commitment to developing innovative technology for the disease.

Facing a crisis, Xoma buys time with a $517M Novartis deal

Xoma has worked a deal to outlicense a cancer antibody to its longtime partners at Novartis. In the deal Xoma will get $37 million in badly needed cash upfront, some relief on $13.5 million in debt and the chance to earn $480 million in milestones, if all goes as planned.

PRA partners up to accelerate vaccine R&D

PRA Health Sciences has joined forces with a trial site group to focus on vaccine development, hoping to speed up patient recruitment and get more clinical studies rolling.

China biotech CARsgen inks deal with Shanghai Cancer Institute on candidate focus

China clinical-stage biotech CARsgen signed a 5-year partnership agreement with the Shanghai Cancer Institute to develop CARsgen's chimeric antigen receptor T-cell immunotherapeutics.

Quest and Inovalon launch patient analytics tool for healthcare providers

Quest Diagnostics has been working hard to diversify its offerings, beefing up its presence in diagnostics as it delivers on plans for growth. In its latest move, the company is teaming up with health IT outfit Inovalon to roll out a cloud-based analytics platform for healthcare providers.

Industry and academia join sides to test DART therapy in HIV-infected cells

Scientists at Duke University Medical Center, the University of North Carolina, and the biotech MacroGenics have teamed up to design a molecule with the capacity to bind HIV-infected cells and unite them with the immune system's killer T cells.

Astellas inks a back-loaded $515M deal to get its hands on a pain drug

Japanese drugmaker Astellas is expanding its pipeline of analgesics, signing a deal worth up to $515 million for the rights to a new treatment for nerve pain.

Zosano loses its big Eli Lilly deal, and its stock is eviscerated

Fremont, CA-based Zosano delivered bitter news to its investors on Monday evening, tipping off the market that Eli Lilly had bowed out of their osteoporosis partnership while it had also decided to halt work on a daily dosing program. The news, delivered during a bearish period for biotech stocks, eviscerated its stock, which dropped 43% and reduced its market cap to a mere $42 million.

Sorrento launches another joint venture with a $170M cancer deal

Sorrento Therapeutics, among the constellation of companies associated with billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, is again widening its R&D mission with a joint venture, teaming up with a California cancer center on some novel antibody technology.