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Latest Headlines

CDMO Vetter finishes German IT facility

Years ago, German CDMO Vetter determined that in addition to building out its manufacturing capacity, it needed to expand its IT infrastructure to continue to satisfy clients. Now after two years, Vetter has wrapped up work on a 91,500-square-foot multipurpose facility in Schuetzenstrasse, Germany, that bulks up computing operations.

Moderna's billion-dollar R&D shop partners up to finally enter the clinic

Moderna Therapeutics, a high-profile private biotech with scores of preclinical projects, is finally moving toward human trials, recruiting one of the world's largest CROs to help get its much-hyped pipeline moving.

French developer TxCell signs Belgian CMO for manufacturing deal

TxCell, a biotech working on T cell treatments for chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, has signed on Belgium CMO MaSTherCell to produce drugs for the French company's ASTrLA line.

China's WuXi raises a $290M VC fund with eyes on 'cross-border' biotech bets

WuXi PharmaTech, China's largest CRO, closed an oversubscribed $290 million venture fund, turning its attention to biopharma startups at home and in the U.S.

Axxess Pharma has tapped SDC Nutrition for product manufacturing

Axxess Pharma, a maker of specialty pharmaceuticals and supplements, has tapped SDC Nutrition to begin manufacturing protein powders.

Recipharm shelling out $105M for Indian sterile injectables CMO

Contract player Recipharm has been on a buying spree that now takes it into India to expand its reach in sterile injectables, one of the hot areas these days for both drugmakers and contractors.

Regis Technologies opens new facility for manufacturing highly potent APIs

Regis Technologies, a Morton Grove, IL-based CMO, has opened a new suite for manufacturing highly potent APIs.

Emergent launches in-licensed military-grade autoinjector outside the U.S., aims for FDA approval

Emergent BioSolutions has launched a military-grade intramuscular autoinjector device for self-administered antidotes or other chemical threat treatments. For now, the rollout is only ex-U.S., but the infectious disease specialist said it will seek FDA approval for the device, dubbed Emergard.

Patheon, DPx unload chemical operations to tighten focus on pharma

Patheon and its parent, DPx, have been on a buying and expansion binge since the company was created last year, grabbing up smaller CMOs to build out both capabilities and capacity. With an IPO in the works, more deals may be coming but the CDMO has ended up with operations that don't fit its model and is shedding those along the way, including two deals this week.

Perrigo buys Patheon's softgel operations in Mexico

Patheon has been on an M&A blitz, buying up specialty manufacturers that can help it broaden its network as it muscles up as a global CDMO. But the North Carolina-based company is unafraid to shed assets that no longer fit that blueprint and so is selling a plant in Mexico to over-the-counter king Perrigo.