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Latest Headlines

Let's make a med tech deal: J&J, Medtronic, Apple, Google sit on piles of cash

Med tech is attracting a huge range of strategic investors right now. Healthcare is almost universally recognized as in need of rationalization--the application of technology in the effort to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. Medical devices and diagnostics, and the data that they generate, are expected to be central to achieving that goal in the coming decades.

Medtronic buys into power morcellators in $350M purchase from Smith & Nephew

Medtronic is buying up the gynecology business from Smith & Nephew for about $350 million. The move is particularly interesting since the purchase is focused on the Truclear power morcellation system.

Luminex to snatch up Nanosphere in $58M all-cash deal

Luminex is shelling out $58 million for Nanosphere to get its hands on the company's rapid molecular microbiology tests and boost its lab presence.

Siemens buys German liquid biopsy startup to enter molecular oncology Dx

Siemens is making good on its commitment earlier this month to expand in molecular diagnostics with the acquisition of Neo New Oncology. The German startup has a genomic diagnostic platform to enable physicians to better select targeted cancer therapies. Its offering includes assays for both tissue and bodily fluids--and it has a liquid biopsy test to create a profile of solid tumors.

PE-backed ConvaTec aims for the exits again with $1B+ IPO: Report

Nordic Capital and Avista Capital Partners acquired ConvaTec from Bristol-Myers Squibb for $4.1 billion in 2008. And they've been reportedly seeking exits for the past few years--but to no avail yet. Now, the wound care and medical products company is reportedly planning an IPO that could raise more than $1 billion.

J&J's DePuy buys shape-changing, minimally invasive small bone fixation tech startup

DePuy Orthopaedics has acquired a San Antonio, TX-based startup that stakes a claim to being the first U.S. manufacturer of Nitinol metal implants for musculoskeletal fixation. The company, BioMedical Enterprises, markets a slew of small bone fixation devices made of Nitinol that can change shape--a process that is controlled by temperature and that can provide continuous compression, which is thought to induce bone healing after fixation procedures.

Interventional oncology player BTG to acquire cryoablation upstart for up to $110M

Interventional oncology specialist BTG is working to make med tech more relevant in oncology--something it's got a shot at doing as localized treatment delivery and minimally invasive surgical techniques continue to emerge.

Can Abbott afford St. Jude and Alere? Moody's doubts it

Abbott Laboratories is seeking a new path to growth--and it's betting big that med tech is it. The company is taking on two of the largest M&A transactions in history at the same time: the more than $5.8 billion purchase of diagnostics player Alere that it announced at the start of February and the more than $25 billion buy of cardiovascular device player St. Jude Medical that was disclosed in late April.

Siemens rebrands healthcare biz as it seeks to expand, adding services and more molecular Dx

Siemens has rebranded and will expand its Healthcare business. The imaging and laboratory diagnostics giant has, perhaps a bit awkwardly, rebranded the business as Siemens Healthineers. The group is a separately managed business within the larger corporate structure, a transition that happened early last year.

Symmetry Surgical acquired for $140.3M by private equity firm RoundTable

Symmetry Surgical, a global marketer and distributor of surgical devices, has agreed to be acquired for $140.3 million by healthcare-focused private equity firm Roundtable Healthcare Partners.