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Latest Headlines

Medtronic partners with DaVita, rolls out CRT meta-analysis data

Dialysis provider DaVita HealthCare Partners has partnered with Medtronic for a pilot program to study cardiac arrhythmias in end-stage renal disease patients receiving dialysis. It will use the tiny implantable cardiac monitor, Linq, which Medtronic launched early this year.

Sorin invests $20M in implantable respiratory device startup Respicardia

Cardiovascular device company Sorin Group has invested $20 million in Respicardia. The financing is to be used to fund ongoing clinical testing of the startup's remede System, which is a pacemaker-like device for central sleep apnea that delivers electrical pulses via an implantable lead to the phrenic nerve.

Stanford using ultrasound to power wireless 'smart chip' implant

Stanford seems to have found a niche in tiny wireless implants. In the latest development, the university announced that it is developing methods of beaming ultrasound to power implanted "smart chips" for the treatment of conditions like Parkinson's disease.

Health 'wearables' to transition to 'invisibles'?

Wearble health monitors might soon become a thing of the past--replaced by science fiction-sounding "invisibles." Futuristic implantable microchips are shaping up to be the cutting-edge way to monitor health. The idea is to make digital health monitoring a little less all-consuming.

University of Louisville working on 'bioficial heart' using 3-D printing

Researchers at the University of Louisville say they are closing in on being able to conduct human clinical trials of implanting prevascularized patches for the heart that are created through 3-D bioprinting technology they developed.

Zimmer partners with MiMedx to sell bioimplants to promote healing

MiMedx Group announced a second partnership with a major medical device firm to sell its regenerative biomaterials product. This time, it is with orthopedic player Zimmer. Last year, MiMedx disclosed a similar deal with Medtronic.

St. Jude halts Portico TAVR implants over safety concerns

St. Jude Medical has halted implantation of its Portico transcatheter aortic valve replacement due to concerns about reduced valve leaflet mobility arising from the company's U.S. clinical trials. The CE-marked device is intended for patients with severe aortic stenosis who are at high risk or contraindicated for surgical aortic valve replacement.

Abbott invests $60M in optics--its fastest growing device segment--with Malaysian plant

Abbott Laboratories will invest $60 million in an intraocular lens manufacturing plant in Malaysia. The plant is expected to employ about 500 people and to be operational next year, producing 1 million sets of IOLs a year.

Titan Spine offers first spine implant warranty

Titan Spine yesterday announced that it is becoming the first spine implant manufacturer to offer a warranty on its products. The 5-year warranty of its Endoskeleton line of spinal interbody fusion devices is the orthopedics industry's second product guarantee, joining Biomet's lifetime warranty of its Oxford Partial Knee. 

Study: Fecal incontinence implants reduce weekly incontinence episodes in women

A study by American Medical Systems, a unit of Endo Health Solutions, showed that the company's fecal incontinence implant product reduced by half the number of weekly bowel leakage incidents in nearly 70% of the female participants.