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Latest Headlines

Medtronic snags EU approval for an MRI-safe ICD

Medtronic is headed to the European market with what it says is the first implantable defibrillator cleared for full-body MRI scans, following a widespread trend toward imaging-safe implants.

Sequent bags $20M to get its aneurysm tech on the U.S. market

California's Sequent Medical has raked in $20 million in venture cash to support its device to treat brain aneurysms, a CE marked technology on the verge of U.S. clinical trials.

JenaValve pockets another $10M as it vies with Medtronic, Edwards

JenaValve, the venture-backed upstart in the top-heavy aortic valve space, has bagged a $10 million extension to its Series C funding round, cash that'll help it contend with the likes of Edwards Lifesciences and Medtronic on the European market.

After a successful IPO, LDR looks to raise more cash

LDR, the cervical disc replacement provider that brought you the first pure-play medical device IPO of 2013, is looking to raise more cash via a secondary offering.

Sorin scores expanded CE mark for its Perceval sutureless aortic valve

Sorin knows that it needs to reach the widest patient population possible to succeed in the cardiac marketplace. With that in mind, the Italian cardiac medical device company can celebrate its new CE mark allowing its Perceval sutureless aortic valve to be used for all adults with aortic stenosis and related problems.

J&J's Ethicon division pays $11M to resolve a vaginal mesh case

It's bad news for Johnson and Johnson's Ethicon division in its ongoing vaginal mesh saga: The company paid out $11.1 million to settle one of the first of many cases to go to court over its transvaginal mesh products, Lawyers and Settlements reported.

Crucial EU compact vote on U.S.-style device approval system raises industry concern

With less than a week before Members of the European Parliament vote on a proposal that would establish a tougher U.S.-style approval system for medical device implants, there remains a wide chasm of concern between member states as the industry grumbles that a new layer of red tape will be added.  

NeuroPace's neurostimulation epilepsy implant is already making an impact

As interest in NeuroPace's new RNS neuromodulation antiepilepsy implant ramps up, The New York Times tracked down some of the patients who use the device and have experienced major improvements in their quality of life.

California startup draws in a $32.6M Series A to advance its neuromodulation implant tech

Axonics Modulation Technologies got itself a $32.6 million Series A funding round that will help advance its implantable neuromodulation technology into human clinical studies to treat a variety of conditions.

St. Jude aims to jump-start the cardiac device space with new pacers and defibrillator leads

St. Jude Medical is confronting a flat pacemaker market and continued fallout from faulty defibrillator leads with a rollout of new products in both spaces. The hope: Next-generation improvements will spur new market interest and greater revenue.