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Latest Headlines

Chinese physicians implant first 3-D printed vertebrae in child

As 3-D printed implants gain ground as a viable surgical option, Chinese physicians have harnessed the new technology to successfully implant the first 3-D printed vertebrae in a young patient.

Researchers explore 'shape-shifting' material for facial reconstruction

New research hints at a step beyond 3D printing in making customized implants. Researchers are working on a new material that changes shape when heated and could be used to surgically fill gaps in bone.

UPDATED: NeuroPace RNS Stimulator secures add-on payments from CMS

NeuroPace's implantable neurostimulator will receive new technology add-on payments from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in recognition of its clinical benefits compared to older therapies for the treatment of uncontrolled epilepsy in adults. 

Smith & Nephew touts acquisitions, offers bulk hospital buying

Smith & Nephew is targeting a serious margin ramp-up and tax rate reductions within the next few years. Maintaining its aggressive acquisition strategy is an obvious means to work toward both those goals.

Leaders emerge in the race for the first U.S. bioresorbable stent

Most devices are launched in Europe before arriving in the U.S., and cardiology devices are certainly no exception to the rule.   Tough FDA premarket review standards, and the novelty of the technology, have turned the race to sell the first bioresorbable stent in the U.S. into a marathon. 

Boston Scientific wins first vaginal mesh case to go to trial

Boston Scientific scored a victory in its ongoing transvaginal mesh saga, winning the first case to go to trial in Massachusetts state court.

Dental implant player Nobel Biocare is the latest med tech M&A target

Nobel Biocare has confirmed it is in early discussions with potential buyers, after a Bloomberg article reported a rumored sale. The report said the company has hired Goldman Sachs to broker a transaction.

NeuroPace stimulator to be deployed in $40M DOD brain research initiative

The $40 million Department of Defense research program into restoring memory will use NeuroPace's implantable neurostimulator, a move that the company said could help it expand the product's indications beyond epilepsy.

Catheters for deep vein thrombosis may do more harm than good

Catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT) has been used in an effort to reduce the incidence of post-thrombotic syndrome in deep vein thrombosis. But a newly published observational study suggests that not only is catheter use ineffective at preventing post-thrombotic syndrome, but it is actually associated with higher rates of adverse events.

Spinal fusion implants enter market amid growing skepticism from insurers

With more than 15 510(k)s cleared in 2014, spinal fusion devices rank among the leaders. But new entrants such as Titan Spine and Expanding Orthopedics are entering the market just as insurers are beginning to crack down on reimbursement for the invasive procedure that costs an average of $27,600 per hospital stay.