Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

NHS England to offer free medical devices and apps in 2017

In its latest digital health push, England's National Health Service (NHS) is offering remote monitoring medical devices and apps to millions of people to help them manage chronic conditions--for free.

Abbott adds data sharing to smartphone app for Freestyle Libre

Abbott now has a mobile app to collect and share data for its continuous glucose monitor that doesn't require routine finger-stick calibration, FreeStyle Libre. The app was created by AirStrip Technologies--and now partner Diasend also enables patients to view that data alongside information from other compatible devices including insulin pumps, blood glucose meters and activity trackers.

St. Jude wins CardioMEMS addition to European cardiology guidelines, ahead of a possible NCD

St. Jude Medical has been working for a couple of years to make the case for its tiny implantable heart failure monitor CardioMEMS--without much sales success thus far. But it gained a bit more fodder with the inclusion of the device to the European Society of Cardiology guidelines as a recommended tool to diagnose and treat acute and chronic heart failure.

Philips to launch medication adherence monitoring device in U.S., Europe before year end

Royal Philips has released positive data on its connected medication dispenser Medido from an almost 1,400-patient study in the Netherlands.

PE-backed ConvaTec aims for the exits again with $1B+ IPO: Report

Nordic Capital and Avista Capital Partners acquired ConvaTec from Bristol-Myers Squibb for $4.1 billion in 2008. And they've been reportedly seeking exits for the past few years--but to no avail yet. Now, the wound care and medical products company is reportedly planning an IPO that could raise more than $1 billion.

Siemens rebrands healthcare biz as it seeks to expand, adding services and more molecular Dx

Siemens has rebranded and will expand its Healthcare business. The imaging and laboratory diagnostics giant has, perhaps a bit awkwardly, rebranded the business as Siemens Healthineers. The group is a separately managed business within the larger corporate structure, a transition that happened early last year.

Dexcom targets Europe as it buys distributor, opens HQ and aims for reimbursement

Dexcom is working to up its commercial game in Europe. The latest part of that plan is an acquisition of its distributor in Germany, Switzerland and Austria: Nintamed.

Philips on path to IPO for lighting, valuing biz at as much as $6.4B

Royal Philips has big plans in HealthTech. But to execute on them, it needs to rid itself of its lighting businesses and, in the process, gain some liquidity to reinvest into health technology, which is expected to be the future of the transitioning industrial conglomerate that has traditionally spanned consumer, healthcare and lighting businesses.

Philips nabs 5% growth in HealthTech with connected care and informatics leading

Royal Philips may be starting to achieve the mid- to high-single-digit growth it previously articulated for its HealthTech portfolio. But Wall Street remained a bit skeptical as the disposal of its Lighting businesses continues to drag on, muddying the new story Philips is trying to focus on.

European neurostim startup raises $41M to reverse paralysis from spinal cord injuries

G-Therapeutics raised €36 million ($41 million) in a Series A round and debt to finish developing and start clinical trials for its Implantable Neuro-stimulation System to restore lower limb function, including walking, to patients suffering from paralysis due to spinal cord injury.