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Latest Headlines

GE Healthcare does molecular breast imaging distribution deal with Dilon

Imaging company Dilon Diagnostics has landed a partnership to distribute a molecular breast imaging system from GE Healthcare in select, undisclosed global geographies. The offering is intended to complement Dilon's own molecular imaging offerings.

Dell teams up with Zebra Medical Vision for data analytics initiative

Leveraging Big Data platforms is becoming increasingly important in the med tech realm, as companies know well. Technology giant Dell is wise to the trend and recently inked a deal with Israel's Zebra Medical Vision to get its hands on the company's data analytics platforms to flesh out its diagnostics and wellness services.

Cigna rolls out new coverage policy for whole exome sequencing

Cigna is teaming up with genetic counseling company InformedDNA for a new program that requires individuals to consult a genetic specialist before getting tested for certain hereditary conditions.

MIT researchers develop ingestible real-time vital sign monitor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have published an animal proof-of-concept study of their ingestible vital sign monitor that tracks heart and respiratory rates in real time.

CardioDiagnostics gets in on patient monitoring with plans for $7M fundraise

Med tech companies are jumping into the rapidly expanding patient monitoring market, with big names like St. Jude Medical and Boston Scientific looking for their piece of the pie. Startups are also getting in on the action, and one company is aiming to make progress with its cardiac monitoring technology with big plans for fundraising.

Cancer diagnostics company closes up shop after 6-year FTC investigation

Med tech companies often find themselves at the receiving end of regulators' sticks, oftentimes to no avail. In the case of cancer diagnostics outfit LabMD, the company escaped the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission but was forced to close up shop as a result of the agency's investigation into its security practices and resulting lawsuit.

TEDMED 2015: 23andMe CEO makes the case for DTC genomic testing

It was a triumphant Anne Wojcicki who took the stage at this year's TEDMED conference in Palm Springs, CA. She's had a great year--gaining the first FDA clearance for a direct-to-consumer genetic test earlier this year and recently relaunching a broad consumer test that includes more than 60 points of genetic information including disease carrier status, wellness and disease trait.

More bad news for Theranos: Study finds a single drop of blood is insufficient for diagnosis

The quest to develop diagnostic tests that need only a single drop of blood may be in vain.

Dx Digest: Invitae builds out cancer and epilepsy testing menus; Illumina gets in on autism research

Welcome to Dx Digest, where FierceMedicalDevices  highlights the highs and sometimes lows of the past week in the diagnostics industry. Invitae expanded its hereditary cancer and epilepsy test menu; sequencing giant Illumina announced that it would join forces with the Hartwell Foundation's Hartwell Autism Research and Technology Initiative to build the largest shared genomic database for autism; and Thermo Fisher Scientific gained more traction in the companion diagnostics realm.

GE Healthcare JV joins White House initiative for remote cancer Dx in Africa, Haiti

The effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer has remained a largely First World problem so far. But someday, perhaps sooner rather than later, that's expected to no longer be the case. A coalition has created a global initiative to improve access to some of the most underserved populations in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti.