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Latest Headlines

Philips collaborates with Dutch hospital to develop diabetic foot disease Dx

Royal Philips and the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will collaborate in a European multicenter trial of a new diagnostic technique to assess the results of minimally invasive treatment for diabetic foot and critical limb ischemia. The trial is slated to start this summer with final results expected in 2017.

Philips, MIT partner in $25M deal to develop innovative med tech, lighting

Royal Philips and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have partnered in a 5-year research alliance with a $25 million budget to develop novel product solutions in healthcare and lighting.

U.K. diagnostic startup Abcodia gets $8M to launch early detection test for ovarian cancer

London-based Abcodia expects a U.S. and U.K. launch this year of its ovarian cancer screening test that's been found to be twice as effective as the testing that's currently standard. After releasing data on the ROCA test earlier this month, now it's raised £5.25 million ($8 million) to get through those goals.

Siemens launches hand-held, point-of-care coagulation analyzer to manage warfarin use

Siemens has launched its Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer to enable rapid decision-making in physician offices and clinics regarding patient treatment with oral anticoagulation therapy warfarin. The vitamin K antagonist is routinely used to prevent clot formation caused by certain heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation or heart attack, or during open-heart surgery.

Hospitals demo quick use of MRIs to gather critical info about stroke patients

MRI scans provide more information about stroke patients than CT scans but take longer to complete, raising a medical quandary. Two hospitals have demonstrated that by using streamlined procedures like simplified questionnaires, they can complete MRI scans within the recommended 60 minutes of arrival.

Swedish asthma diagnostic company Aerocrine to be acquired by biotech Circassia for $214M

Clinical stage allergy player Circassia Pharmaceuticals, which had a huge $332 million IPO on the London Stock Exchange last year, will scoop up Swedish asthma company Aerocrine for SEK 1.78 billion ($214.3 million) after it got its latest asthma diagnostic device cleared by FDA in November.

Philips CEO outlines HealthTech vision as shareholders vote to separate lighting biz

Royal Philips shareholders voted to separate out its lighting business, leaving the remaining company to focus on health technology. Completing the separation process will take through year end, with an IPO for the lighting business expected during the first half of 2016. Earlier this year, Philips sold off most of its stake in its LED and automotive lighting business for almost $3 billion.

Smartphone-based diagnostic device detects parasitic worms via video

As smartphone-based diagnostics pick up steam within the industry, researchers are harnessing the technology to develop an automated device that uses video to pinpoint parasitic worms from a single drop of blood, potentially cutting down on infectious diseases in Africa.

Harvard point-of-care handheld cancer diagnostic spinoff WaveGuide raises $13.9M

Startup WaveGuide has raised $13.9 million of an intended ultimate total of $20 million to fund its point-of-care handheld nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer that works with nanoparticles for the diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases, according to an SEC filing. This is its first filing with the financial regulatory agency.

France's Labco says bonjour to IPO

French medical diagnostics outfit Labco is inching closer to an IPO, filing plans to go public during the first half of 2015 to generate growth and expand its footprint in the field.