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Latest Headlines

Next-generation technologies speed up diagnosis for stroke patients

As the med tech industry homes in on innovative technologies that can speed up diagnosis for strokes, healthcare providers are harnessing next-generation products to improve outcomes for patients.

Startup Akili partners with nonprofit Autism Speaks to test video game

Akili Interactive Labs has partnered with the nonprofit Autism Speaks to conduct a clinical trial of its cognitive assessment and personalized treatment video game.

Indian diagnostics company Thyrocare aims for $100M IPO

Indian diagnostics company Thyrocare, which touts itself as "the world's largest thyroid testing laboratory," is planning an IPO on the Indian stock market by the end of June with hopes of raising $85 to $100 million.

Device to detect cervical cancer being developed in Israel

An Israeli company, Biop Medical, is developing the Biop diagnostic medical device to detect cervical cancer.

Lineagen reels in $19.8M in Series C round for autism genetic tests

Molecular diagnostics outfit Lineagen closed the second and final tranche of a $15.8 million Series C round, roping in $19.8 million to support development of its genetic tests for autism.

AdvaMed unveils its 2015 Innovation Agenda, proposes automatic Medicare coverage of device clinical trials

AdvaMed CEO Stephen Ubl said the med tech innovation ecosystem is "fraying" at a news conference unveiling the trade association's 2015 Innovation Agenda to fix the ills of the industry.

Scientists unveil new biomarker for early detection of dementia through blood test

As scientists race to uncover ways to diagnose neurogenerative diseases in patients, Danish researchers have pinpointed a new biomarker that could predict an individual's risk of for dementia through a blood test.

German pharma Stada partners to market rapid Ebola diagnostic

Stada Pharm is the latest company to tilt into the Ebola fray with a rapid diagnostic product for use on patients and bodies in the field. Starting in March, the German pharma will begin marketing a test developed and produced by German startup Senova to detect advanced-stage Ebola infection within about 10 minutes. The terms of the partnership for the product were undisclosed.

Swedish asthma diagnostic company Aerocrine raises $53M after recent FDA nod

Aerocrine has raised 445 million Swedish krona ($53 million) in an oversubscribed rights offering that went almost entirely to existing shareholders including Novo A/S. The company hopes this financing will enable it to ramp up its sales and work toward profitability.

Researchers develop low-cost smartphone device for quick HIV and syphilis screening

As devicemakers home in on cheap, rapid diagnostics for patients in developing nations, researchers are creating a low-cost smartphone device to quickly test for infectious diseases in poor countries.