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Latest Headlines

Philips launches first hand-held Dx for heart attack, as lighting IPO values biz at almost $4B

Royal Philips has made moves on a couple of fronts this week. It launched its heart attack test for its handheld diagnostic device after gaining a CE mark. And it also successfully executed an IPO for its lighting business that valued the company at almost $4 billion.

Walgreens forged ahead with Theranos deal despite lingering doubts: WSJ

Walgreens Boots Alliance had doubts about Theranos' proprietary blood testing technology when it partnered with the company a few years ago. But Walgreens forged ahead with a deal anyway and that decision has come back to bite it--big time.

Medtronic, Qualcomm partner for disposable, connected Type 2 diabetes continuous glucose monitors

The largest continuous blood glucose monitor player, Medtronic, has started an ambitious project with partner Qualcomm that's expected to lead to a disposable continuous glucose monitor for the enormous underserved Type 2 diabetes population in developing nations.

Medtronic defends handling of Infuse bone graft study to probing lawmakers

Medtronic never intended to hide a study showing serious side effects linked to its Infuse bone graft, the company said in letters to two inquiring lawmakers. The company's response comes a month after reports showed that Medtronic pulled the plug on a study of its Infuse bone graft and allegedly buried the evidence.

Stanford engineers design portable, at-home urine test to detect various diseases

Urine tests are a staple at the doctor's office, but take time, cost money and can pile up quickly. Good news: Stanford University engineers are working on a low-cost, portable version of the test to ease the burden on doctors and clinics.

Theranos trashes two years of blood test results to appease livid health regulators

Theranos is in deep trouble with federal health regulators, and it's pulling out all the stops to get back in their good graces. The company threw out two years of results from its Edison devices, the controversial linchpin behind its proprietary blood testing technology.

Dx Digest: Foundation Medicine wages patent battle against Guardant Health; 10x Genomics launches new sequencing system

In this week's Dx Digest, Foundation Medicine got a patent for its cancer genomic sequencing technology and is using that patent to sue one of its rivals in the liquid biopsy market, Becton Dickinson scored European approval for its test for vaginal bacterial infections, and 10x Genomics released a new system for long-range genomic profiling.

Theranos COO jumps ship amid company's regulatory fallout

Theranos has been sinking fast, and now, one of its top brass is jumping ship. COO Sunny Balwani is exiting the company after more than 5 years amid regulatory scrutiny for Theranos' proprietary technology and operations.

Dx Digest: LabCorp rolls out DNA colorectal cancer test; Brigham startup aims for quick brain disease diagnosis

In this week's Dx Digest, LabCorp rolled out its recently approved DNA-based test for colorectal cancer, Illumina revealed results from a study showing that whole exome sequencing can improve diagnosis for children with white matter disorders, and a at startup Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital is developing a quick way to diagnose brain disease.

Roche exec sees brighter days for company's flailing diabetes testing biz

Some have speculated that Roche would sell off its diabetes testing business amid floundering sales. But at least for now, the company is holding on to the unit.