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Latest Headlines

J&J's Ethicon sponsors 20+ clinical trials to advance bariatric surgery globally

Ethicon, the Johnson & Johnson unit devoted to surgical tools, is moving to defend its bariatric surgery territory as a slew of noninvasive medical devices to treat obesity line up to gain approval in the U.S. It will spend $3.2 million on more than 20 clinical trials to examine how early surgical intervention can be used to improve conditions such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Bard VP touts new study of its Lutonix drug-coated balloon to fight PAD

C.R. Bard's senior vice president of science technology and clinical affairs, John DeFord, expounded on a just-published study in the New England Journal of Medicine, which showed that its Lutonix drug-coated angioplasty balloon for peripheral artery disease has superior efficacy and equivalent safety to standard angioplasty balloons.

European researchers develop thought-controlled robot

A team of engineers from Switzerland's Defitech Foundation Chair in Brain-Machine Interface have developed a robot that is controlled from afar via mental commands.

Startup claims its 3-D printer is up to 100 times faster than normal

Redwood City, CA, startup Carbon 3D claims to have developed a 3-D printer that is 25 to 100 times faster than conventional versions.

Medtronic reports early pivotal data for tiny leadless pacemaker with U.S. launch slated in a year or so

Cardiac Rhythm & Heart Failure is one of Medtronic's faster growing businesses, driven in part by the launch of tiny subcutaneous heart monitor Reveal Linq. The medical device giant expects that the launch of supersmall leadless pacemaker Micra Transcatheter Pacing System could help it to keep that revenue growth momentum going.

Study: At-home hemodialysis more effective than peritoneal dialysis as more options come to the fore

Peritoneal dialysis is the most common kind of at-home dialysis, given its relative convenience and ease of use compared to hemodialysis. But now, in the largest study of its kind, a massive 5-year analysis of registry data in Australia and New Zealand for more than 11,000 patients, researchers have found that patient survival rates are significantly higher with home hemodialysis than with peritoneal dialysis.

FDA hints it will show 'additional flexibility' when it comes to approving device clinical trials

The FDA released an overview of its considerations and process for reviewing so-called investigational device exemptions, which give researchers permission to test developmental devices on humans.

Irish startup Neuravi raises $21M to get stroke stent retrieval device through pivotal trial

The biopharma industry has worked for decades to find an effective treatment for acute ischemic stroke with minimal success. At least 5 clinical trials over a recent 6-month period have now found that removing clots using a class of devices known as stent retrievers is an effective treatment for stroke.

Milestone Pharma raises $17M Series B for Phase II of at-home, drug-device cardiac arrhythmia combo

Canadian startup Milestone Pharmaceuticals hopes to give cardiac arrhythmia patients a self-administered intranasal spray option for treating their condition. Currently, cardiac arrhythmia is typically treated with intravenous drugs in the emergency room.

Philips cautions on cardio mortality after ResMed sleep apnea data, intros cardiac imaging tool

Royal Philips said it is working with ResMed to analyze study data from mid-May showing that the latter company's Adaptive Servo-Ventilation central sleep apnea treatment worsens cardiovascular mortality for those in a particular subset of chronic heart failure data. Philips has a similar device, which it said is contraindicated in the relevant population with increased mortality: moderate to severe central sleep apnea patients with symptomatic chronic heart failure and left ventricular ejection fraction of less than or equal to 45%.