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Latest Headlines

Edwards aims to go younger in 2017 with bioprosthetic aortic valve: Study

Edwards Lifesciences expects to launch a new bioprosthetic valve next year. Management has already described its Inspiris as a "game changer" that could be useful for a younger patient population.

Axion raises $6M to recreate brain activity, heartbeats on the benchtop

Axion Biosystems has raised $6 million to back its Maestro multiwell microelectrode array platform, a high-throughput system for cellular analysis that enables researchers to recreate complex, active systems such as brain activity and heartbeats.

Tricuspid, mitral valve repair startup raises $40M to back regulatory approvals, launch

Mitralign has raised $39.8 million in a Series E round to help it get U.S. and EU approvals for its tricuspid valve repair system and to launch its mitral valve repair system in Europe. Transcatheter mitral valve repair and replacement were white-hot areas of strategic investment last year as major med techs worked to anticipate the best follow-up play to the massive success of transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

Novocure tech works in combination with PD-1 in preclinical NSCLC data

Early evidence suggests that Novocure's Tumor Treating Fields technology may be useful in combination with a newer class of anti-cancer drugs, PD-1 inhibitors.

Langer startup reports data, starts pivotal trial for bioengineered blood vessel for dialysis patients

Bioengineered blood vessels could see an early use aiding hemodialysis patients who have exhausted their vascular access options.

California researchers combine imaging techs to better detect high-risk atherosclerosis

Several tests exist to detect atherosclerosis, the plaque buildup in arteries that can lead to heart attack and stroke, but each has its limitations. NIH-supported labs at UC Irvine and the University of Southern California have combined two types of imaging to create a promising new method to identify atherosclerotic plaques.

Interventional oncology player BTG to acquire cryoablation upstart for up to $110M

Interventional oncology specialist BTG is working to make med tech more relevant in oncology--something it's got a shot at doing as localized treatment delivery and minimally invasive surgical techniques continue to emerge.

AliveCor smartphone ECG as good as standard Holter monitor: Study

AliveCor brought on a former Google exec last year to run the company. Now, it may be on the path to the data it needs to make its smartphone-based ECG recorder the standard-of-care for patients with undiagnosed heart palpitations.

UPDATED: FDA rejects Otsuka, Proteus pill with medication adherence monitoring

The first U.S. regulatory test for a drug that incorporates medication adherence technology has been met with a rejection. The Food and Drug Administration issued a complete response letter to Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Proteus Digital Health for their drug/device combination of Abilify with Proteus' ingestible sensor.

Medtronic's tiny cardiac monitor shows improved afib detection in real-world study

Two years ago, Medtronic rolled out its Reveal Linq, a tiny implantable cardiac monitor, with annual sales predictions to the tune of $1 billion to $2 billion. Now, the company is reporting one-year data from a real-world study of the device showing that it was better at detecting atrial fibrillation than previously thought.