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Latest Headlines

Survey: Nearly half of physicians are planning to adopt mobile health apps

A survey of 500 health professionals in the U.K. found that 48% plan to introduce mobile health apps to their practice in the next 5 years, and 81% believe they will increase their knowledge of patients' conditions.

NHS, Oxford University in U.K. pilot study of camera-based patient monitoring

The U.K. is well known for examining healthcare costs closely and incorporating them into decision-making on spending. Now, in order to help cut healthcare costs and address a nursing shortage that is squeezing countries internationally, the government agency Innovate UK is funding a trial for a camera-based vital sign technology from startup Oxehealth.

UPDATED: HeartWare device meets trial endpoint, but stroke data a big concern

HeartWare touted clinical trial data showing that its Ventricular Assist device met its primary endpoint of stroke-free survival at two years, but concerns about the stroke risk of patients on the device for heart failure persisted, sending the stock tumbling more than 6%.

Benvenue takes on Medtronic in spinal surgery, pointing to trial showing its device is better

Spinal specialist Benvenue Medical is taking on Medtronic. The smaller company boasted of clinical trial results showing that its FDA-cleared Kiva VCF System to treat vertebral compression fractures performs as well as or better than the industry bigwig's KyphX System.

Medtronic debuts European study of its atrial fibrillation device

Medtronic said it has begun enrollment in a European clinical trial of its atrial fibrillation device as part of its efforts to eventually gain FDA approval for its Phased RF technology, which would be a first-of-its-kind system.

Experts: Stent retrieval devices to play larger role in treatment of stroke

Earlier this year, four new studies showed that stent retrieval devices to physically remove blood clots in the brain can save stroke patients' lives.

FDA to investigate Bayer's birth control device after allegations of fraud during clinical trial

The FDA has agreed to investigate Bayer's Essure birth control device, following complaints of fraud during the clinical trial and dangerous side effects.

VA starts trial of mobile app to help manage PTSD symptoms

The Department of Veterans Affairs is assessing the efficacy of a mobile application to teach patients to self-manage post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The trial is set up to determine the relative advantage of the app in combination with physician support versus its use alone.

Study: OvaScience fertility treatment improves pregnancy rates, but Wall Street remains skeptical

Pregnancy rates were higher than might normally be expected with in vitro fertilization in the latest data for the Augment Fertility Treatment from OvaScience. But fertilization and blastocyst formation weren't particularly improved. Even the pregnancy rates don't look quite so good--when you consider all the patients who originally enrolled, noted a Leerink analyst.

TVA study demonstrates promising hemodialysis access device for kidney failure patients

Startup TVA Medical boasted about a recent study which found that its clinical-stage device to give chronic kidney disease patients vascular access to a hemodialysis machine was successful 97% of the time.