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Latest Headlines

Stryker digests a string of acquisitions--and it's a top priority to add more

An aggressive acquisition strategy in order to broaden its product usage in trauma units and hospitals continues to be the focus for Stryker.

At JP Morgan, Stryker CEO embraces sales reps, dismisses Smith & Nephew plan to eliminate them

Stryker CEO Kevin Lobo expounded on the importance of specialized sales forces during his presentation at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco and took a jab at Smith & Nephew's contrasting rep-less pilot program, which aims to cut implant prices in half through the use of automation.

Rumors that Stryker will buy Smith & Nephew pick up steam

Bloomberg reports that Stryker is planning to offer a premium for the U.K.'s S&N of about 30%. Currently, the target has a valuation of about $16.3 billion. The sources say a tax inversion is not planned. However, one of the unnamed sources also says Stryker's management could change its mind.

Wall Street, media approve of Stryker's multi-year buying spree

In response to Zimmer's $13.4 billion bid for Biomet, rumor has it that Stryker will snatch up the other relatively small orthopedics player, the U.K.'s Smith & Nephew.

Covidien, Stryker tout stroke study that used their stents

A comparative study found that treatment of stroke using stent thrombectomy devices manufactured by Covidien and Stryker is twice as effective as treatment using medication alone.

Stryker's OtisMed to pay more than $80M to settle DOJ case over knee replacement surgical devices

Since acquiring OtisMed in 2009, Stryker has been facing allegations from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that the company and its former chief executive officer illegally distributed knee replacement surgical devices after the FDA refused to approve the product. Now, Stryker and OtisMed have agreed to pay more than $80 million to resolve the DOJ case, laying criminal and civil complaints to rest.

U.K. rules tighten M&A window for Stryker, Smith & Nephew deal

A U.K. law successfully thwarts overly aggressive acquisition deals from taking large bites out of the medical device industry in the country.

UPDATED: Stryker said to be interested in buying Smith & Nephew (once again)

The clock is about to strike 6 months since Stryker expressed interest in acquiring Smith & Nephew, only to be dissuaded by a rise in that company's stock price once news of the potential deal broke out. And so begins the speculation that Stryker will actually make a bid on the fellow orthopedics company this time around.

Stryker agrees to pay $1.43B to settle recalled hip implant lawsuits

Stryker has agreed to shell out at least $4.38 billion to settle more than 4,000 lawsuits alleging the medical device giant sold faulty metal hip implants that hurt patients. 

Stryker to repatriate $2B, ready for acquisitions in 2H15

Stryker took an earnings hit during the third quarter, in part to repatriate $2 billion in cash for acquisitions and to establish an EU regional headquarters in Amsterdam, where it has moved some intellectual property. The IP transfer is expected to reduce its effective tax rate from an expected 22% in 2014 to 20% next year.