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Latest Headlines

FDA clears first stroke stent system to go in via the neck from startup Silk Road

The FDA has cleared the first system to reduce stroke risk that introduces a stent via the neck. The device, the Enroute Transcarotid Neuroprotection System from startup Silk Road, is expected to offer an option for patients whose vasculature is too convoluted to introduce a stent via the femoral artery in the groin.

Lombard Medical's first Q1 reports sales doubled as losses widened

Lombard Medical, the U.K.-based medical device maker, reported global sales of its Aorfix stent were 104% higher in the first quarter compared to the same period last year while its losses widened due to the expansion of its business, the company said in its first earnings report since going public.

IPO emigre Lombard Medical looks to raise $60M in a Nasdaq debut

Stentmaker Lombard Medical has set the range for its pending U.S. IPO, aiming to raise $60 million with the sale of 3.6 million shares priced between $15 and $18.

Abbott has won U.S. approval for the peripheral-artery-disease stent it bought last year

Abbott announced on Friday that its Supera Peripheral Stent System has got the FDA's approval to treat blocked blood vessels in the upper leg caused by peripheral artery disease.

OrbusNeich starts up a U.S.-Japan trial of its dual-therapy stent

OrbusNeich has enrolled its first patient in a two-country proof-of-concept study for its innovative dual-therapy stent.

Boston Scientific will expand the use of a key esophageal stent in Europe

Boston Scientific nabbed a new CE mark that allows one of its esophageal stents to be used to treat narrowing of the esophagus caused by benign scar tissue--another win as the company seeks to restore steady revenue expansion after a years-long slump.

Xlumena chases new funds with FDA approval for its AXIOS pancreatic stent

The FDA has approved Xlumena's AXIOS stent to treat pseudocysts of the pancreas. In its press release announcing the approval, the FDA noted the stent is the first anastomotic device specifically designed to drain a pancreatic pseudocyst.

Medtronic PAD stent gains expanded U.S. treatment options

Medtronic won two more peripheral artery disease treatment options in the U.S. for its Complete self-expanding vascular stent. The FDA signoff on expanded indications is an important step to reach more patients as rivals nip at its heels.

Study: Bypass safer than stents for diabetics

As physicians around the globe voice concerns about over-stenting, a new study finds that diabetics with heart disease live longer if treated with coronary bypass surgery instead of stents.

Boston Scientific caps massive stent trial enrollment in 9 months

Boston Scientific wrapped up enrollment in a massive pivotal trial for its Synergy drug-eluting coronary stent system in just nine months, a victory showcasing efficiency and speed despite the study's size and reach.