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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

St. Jude rides strong ICD sales to a first-quarter bump

Despite long-running headwinds, St. Jude Medical pulled off an increase in implanted defibrillator revenue in the first quarter, helping the company swing to a small rise in sales.

St. Jude aims to jump-start the cardiac device space with new pacers and defibrillator leads

St. Jude Medical is confronting a flat pacemaker market and continued fallout from faulty defibrillator leads with a rollout of new products in both spaces. The hope: Next-generation improvements will spur new market interest and greater revenue.

St. Jude Medical grabs a CE mark for 'burst' neurostim treatment of chronic pain

St. Jude Medical nailed a CE-mark approval for the company's next-generation neurostimulation device to treat chronic pain. The European regulatory win allows it to hit the market overseas with its Prodigy system even as it ramps up for U.S. clinical trials of the novel product.

St. Jude Medical will test its leadless pacemaker in a massive EU postmarketing trial

St. Jude Medical is embarking on a massive postapproval study in Europe for its Nanostim leadless pacemaker, barely weeks after beginning U.S. trials for the same device.

The top 10 med tech M&A deals of 2013

Forget organic growth. In 2013, some of the biggest moves into new or expanded markets in the med tech world came through serious M&A activity. The top deals announced or closed in 2013 created...

Medtronic follows St. Jude Medical with leadless pacemaker U.S. trial milestone

Medtronic said it has implanted its new supersmall leadless pacemaker in its first U.S. patient as part of a global clinical trial of the device. This comes a few weeks after rival St. Jude Medical hit the same milestone with its own competing product.

St. Jude Medical's stock spiked again after an analyst upgrade

St. Jude Medical stock spiked 6% in the last week in the wake of progress with its leadless pacemaker, an analyst upgrade and the perception that its rebound story is continuing.

Hackers broke into the Big 3--and left the door open for months, report says

It's a story that could confirm the worst fears of med tech implant wearers at the highest level of U.S. government: Some time during the first half of 2013, hackers reportedly broke into the computer networks of the big three medical device makers, and the breach might have stayed open for "several months."

Report: Boston Scientific, Medtronic and St. Jude's networks hacked last year

In 2011, Boston Scientific was listed among 759 other organizations as a victim of attacks by China-based hackers. The report made the cyber cold war public knowledge but companies are still struggling to protect themselves, with the San Francisco Chronicle now reporting Boston Scientific and fellow medtech giants Medtronic and St. Jude Medical have been hacked.

St. Jude puts the Nanostim leadless pacemaker in its first U.S. patient

A leadless pacemaker, approved for use in Europe, has found its way into its first U.S. patient, St. Jude Medical announced Thursday. Dr. Vivek Reddy implanted the Nanostim leadless pacemaker at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, starting a pivotal trial for FDA approval.