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Latest Headlines

South Korea's Kosdaq bubbles along taking small pharma/biotech for a ride

Forget the U.S. pharma/biotech bubble speculation and keep an eye on South Korea's Kosdaq, Reuters reports, adding that some firms are now trading at hundreds to tens of thousands of times earnings.

Australia's Brandon Capital stakes a claim as Asian biotech booster with A$200M fund

The buzz around biotech in Asia has centered on friends and family bootstrap operations in China, local investor support in Taiwan and onto more formal state-backed incubation efforts in Japan, South Korea and Singapore along with boutique venture capital firms and investment arms of multinationals such as Eli Lilly Ventures.

Asian device market set to leap to $15B in 2017

A survey of the top 100 makers of medical devices in Asia indicates the industry will reach the $15 billion mark in 2017, a huge leap from a market of just $2 billion in 2012.

Japan, S. Korea hospitals ink clinical pact on regenerative medicine

The operators of a pair of private hospital networks, one in Japan and the other in South Korea, signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on research into regenerative medicine, the work ranging from education activities to clinical applications.

South Korea names first woman to head food and drug safety ministry

Seunghee Kim, a veteran member of South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, has been named to become its first female minister. Kim has a pharmacology degree from Seoul National University and a doctorate in biochemistry from Notre Dame.

South Korea struggles with healthcare needs of elderly

South Korea has a wealth of statistics about the near future of healthcare needs in the country, but no apparent solutions for how to deal with an elderly population about to drain its coffers.

Samsung Pharma to launch GemVax cancer vaccine in South Korea

Samsung Pharmaceutical will manufacture and sell GemVax & KAEL Co. pancreatic cancer vaccine Riavax in South Korea.

South Korea's Green Cross teams with Russia's Nanolek on biologics manufacturing

South Korea's Green Cross said it has signed an agreement with Nanolek, a Russia biopharmaceutical company, to produce its biologics in a three-month-old facility said to be state-of-the-art.

South Korea tells Bayer to divest oral contraceptives business

Bayer Korea has been ordered to divest its oral contraceptives business, chiefly its Mercilon (ethinylestradiol) drug, which it acquired when its Germany parent Bayer bought Merck's consumer-care business recently.

South Korea's Green Cross pushes into cell therapy manufacturing in China

South Korean bio pharma Green Cross will build a cell therapy manufacturing center in China's Guizhou province to distribute products in China.