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Latest Headlines

South Korea lifts ban on zilpaterol feed additives in beef

Almost a year after saying it would ease its policy on animal growth enhancers containing zilpaterol, the South Korean government lifted its ban on the feed additive. The move opens the door to beef imports and domestic sales of the product.

Bristol-Myers inks Asia immunotherapy deal with Japan's Ono

In a deal that will build on their existing mutual relationship, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Ono Pharmaceutical have formed a pact to bring immunotherapies to market in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Korean pharma booster recruits Novotech to boost local R&D

Novotech, which bills itself as Australia's largest CRO, has signed a deal with a South Korean outfit to help bolster the country's status among global drug development locales.

Bristol-Myers extends manufacturing pact with Samsung

Bristol-Myers Squibb hooked up with South Korea's Samsung last year when it wanted someone to handle manufacturing overseas for its hot-selling melanoma drug Yervoy. But with more promising biologics in its pipeline, the New York-based drugmaker has decided to deepen its commitment.

South Korea targets medical device industry as its latest growth engine

Business Korea reported that the government has a goal for its med tech industry to export more than $12.5 billion worth of goods, hire 130,000 people and have a 3.8% global market share by 2020.

Sanofi inks a Korean alliance to develop a pneumococcal vaccine

The French Big Pharma is paying SK Chemicals $23 million up front, after which both companies will invest in the project.

AstraZeneca leans toward virtual R&D with a Korean oncology deal

In the midst of rethinking its approach to R&D, AstraZeneca has dabbled in the virtual model of drug development, matching a small in-house staff with collaborators on contractors around the globe to make the process more efficient. Now, after some early success in neuroscience, the pharma giant is amping up its virtual efforts in oncology, signing a deal with a South Korean institution to hunt for new targets in the field.

Celerion stretches into South Korea for translational studies

Early-phase CRO Celerion is expanding its reach into South Korea, partnering up with a local hospital to run trials in the country's fast-growing market for clinical research.

S. Korea is trying to decide whether the Galaxy S5 is a medical device

The Galaxy S5 is soon to be the first smartphone on the market with a built-in heart rate monitor. The monitor is designed for fitness use, but according to South Korea's health agency, it may subject the highly anticipated new phone to med tech-level regulation before its maker, Samsung, can sell the phone in its own home country.

Korean government ramps up plans to boost medical equipment exports

South Korea's government is revving up regional exports of medical equipment, boosting the competitive pressures for device companies in Asia.