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Latest Headlines

Roche scores first liquid biopsy FDA approval with Tarceva companion Dx

Liquid biopsy offers the promise of more accurate, and potentially earlier, cancer diagnoses based on the genetic analysis of circulating tumor cells in the blood. While a lot of money and strategic interest is already chasing the notion of the liquid biopsy, now the FDA has signed off on the idea for the first time with an approval for a companion diagnostic for the oncology drug Tarceva.

Roche launches home testing device for anticoagulant patients in Europe

The market for home healthcare devices is growing at a steady clip, and Roche is wise to the trend. The Swiss diagnostics giant is launching its PT/INR home self-testing device in Europe, building out its offerings while potentially improving care for patients on anticoagulant therapy.

Roche to sell Senseonics implantable glucose sensor system in some EU countries

Roche's Diabetes Care has signed a deal with implantable glucose sensor company Senseonics to sell its Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The deal comes just after a CE mark for the system earlier this month.

Genomic test prep company Purigen reels in $18.2M in Roche-led Series A round

Genomic test prep company Purigen Biosystems reeled in $18.2 million in a Series A round to support development of its benchtop testing technology.

Roche exec sees brighter days for company's flailing diabetes testing biz

Some have speculated that Roche would sell off its diabetes testing business amid floundering sales. But at least for now, the company is holding on to the unit.

AbbVie, Roche look for blockbuster boost from $110K leukemia med Venclexta

There's a new leukemia drug in town, and to hear analysts tell it, Venclexta is destined to hit the blockbuster target. Developers AbbVie and Roche say they're ready to roll it out within a week, at a price of $110,000 for the first year of treatment.

India reclears Roche's Avastin for off-label eye sales

India has lifted its alert on the advice of an expert committee, meaning Avastin is once again all clear for off-label eye sales.

PatientsLikeMe taps AstraZeneca, Roche for cash to fuse outcomes, clinical and molecular data

AstraZeneca and Roche's Genentech have agreed to bankroll a study of lung cancer patients that will analyze PatientsLikeMe's patient-reported outcomes alongside traditional forms of data. The project is designed to assess the value of giving researchers a broader overview of factors that can affect health outcomes.

Buzz: Roche weighing up bid for Pacific Biosciences

Roche is reportedly considering continuing its sequencing dealmaking activity with a bid for Pacific Biosciences.

Roche reportedly pursuing buyout of genomics company Pacific Biosciences of California

Shares of Menlo Park's Pacific Biosciences of California are up 25% on a report that Big Pharma (and diagnostics) player Roche is interested in acquiring the provider of gene sequencing technology.