Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Qiagen scores FDA approval for lung cancer companion Dx

Qiagen snagged FDA approval for its test for AstraZeneca's lung cancer drug, building on its previous relationship with the biotech titan to claim more ground in the companion diagnostics field.

Qiagen launches Germany-based JV aimed at companion Dx

Qiagen relies on companion diagnostics to keep its engine running, and the company is looking to gain some ground in the field through a new joint venture with German molecular diagnostics outfit Biotype Diagnostic.

Qiagen to partner with Japan's Hitachi on molecular testing

Qiagen will combine its expertise in assays and biomarker panels with Hitachi's knowledge of instrumentation and manufacturing to advance research-based and clinical molecular testing via a strategic collaboration.

French cancer Dx company born after management buyout at Qiagen unit

HalioDx, a new company focused on cancer companion diagnostics, is kicking off operations after a management buyout at Qiagen's Marseille subsidiary.

Lancet study finds that Qiagen's Quantiferon estimates lower rate of TB in China than the traditional test

Qiagen pointed to a study in The Lancet showing that its Quantiferon-TB Gold tuberculosis test is more accurate at detecting tuberculosis than the traditional tuberculin skin test, which the company said is overestimating the prevalence of the disease in China.

Qiagen acquires Enzymatics, gains NGS partner ArcherDX

With its recent acquisition of diagnostics outfit Enzymatics, Dutch Qiagen has gained another strategic partner--the newly formed company ArcherDX, which will focus solely on developing next-generation sequencing products.

Qiagen exceeds 2014 placement goals for molecular Dx, hedges its bets on continued success

Qiagen has been winning critical regulatory approvals for new tests and inking companion diagnostics deals to expand its market reach. The company has exceeded its goal of 250 new placements for its modular molecular testing system in 2014 and is hedging its bets on growth in the coming year.

Qiagen joins up with Altona to distribute Ebola diagnostic

German Qiagen ($QGEN) is stepping up to help laboratories respond to the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The company said it has partnered with Germany's Altona Diagnostics to distribute an Ebola test both in and outside the U.S.  

Curetis nabs $18M to support European Dx rollout, U.S. trial, possible IPO

With its sights set on growth, German diagnostics outfit Curetis AG has closed a $18.1 million Series B financing round with new investor Qiagen chipping in.

Qiagen and Novartis team up for companion Dx deal

Hot on the trail of companion diagnostics partnerships, Qiagen is teaming up with pharma bigwig Novartis to develop tests for the company's drug portfolio.