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Latest Headlines

Pfizer's Hospira launches first patient-controlled pain pump integrated into EMR

Despite all the innovation in med tech on so many fronts, it's often a slow process to see those efforts incorporated into patient care in a way that could improve their treatment and aid healthcare providers. Now, Hospira is debuting a device that seems a no-brainer in terms of making routine hospital care more efficient--and potentially safer.

Hospira's floundering pumps business nears the chopping block: Bloomberg

Pfizer has been weighing a sale of Hospira's pumps and devices business for a while. Now, Smiths Group and Fresenius have put in bids for the unit, which Pfizer acquired last year through its $15 billion deal for Hospira. Private equity firm Pamplona Capital also made a second-round bid for the business, Bloomberg reports.

Pfizer to 'spotlight' vaccines following Allergan bust, firm predicts

Market research firm Kalorama predicts Pfizer will continue to lean on its burgeoning vax unit in the wake of the collapse of the Allergan megamerger.

AbbVie sustains aggressive Humira push, GSK amps up on Breo to top March TV spenders

Humira is refusing to go quietly. Even as the anti-inflammatory faces patent expiration in the U.S. later this year, AbbVie continues not only an aggressive advertising push, but also a similarly strong legal and patent effort to keep biosimilar versions off the market.

Pfizer joins computational biology startup's Big Pharma backers in $18M round

Pfizer has become the latest Big Pharma firm to invest in Metabomed, a biotech that is using computational biology to discover cancer metabolism drugs. Through the $18 million Series A round, Metabomed has gained the financial clout to advance drugs toward clinical trials while burnishing its reputation as a darling of Big Pharma VC teams.

Pfizer enlists IBM in push to start Internet of Things-enabled clinical trials by 2019

Pfizer is aiming to have a sensor-enabled remote patient monitoring system in place by 2019. The Big Pharma has teamed up with IBM for the project, which will construct a sensor-laden connected house to test the concept ahead of its planned use in a Phase III Parkinson's disease trial in 2019.

IBM and Pfizer join forces for real-time patient monitoring system for Parkinson's

IBM is teaming up with pharma giant Pfizer to create a patient-centric monitoring system for Parkinson's disease. The deal adds to IBM's recent collaborations with life sciences and med tech companies as it expands its industry footprint.

Pfizer recalls mislabeled bottles of adult Robitussin

Pfizer's Consumer Healthcare is pulling tens of thousands of bottles of one of its adult Robitussin products in the U.S. due to a labeling issue. It comes just weeks after a different kind of manufacturing snafu led to the recall of its children's Advil products in Canada.

Pfizer to look for 20% cost cuts in some manufacturing, Ireland employees told

Having deep-sixed its $160 billion merger with Allergan, and the tax savings the inversion deal had promised, Pfizer is already looking at ways to cut costs. Manufacturing looks to be one area where it hopes to cut costs by 20% on some key products in coming years.

Celltrion's Remicade biosim kneecapped Merck in Europe. Can it do the same to J&J in the U.S.?

The FDA has officially green-lighted the Remicade biosimilar Inflectra, a med from South Korea's Celltrion and Pfizer's Hospira. But will the knockoff be able to capture the same kind of market share from Johnson & Johnson that it's been stealing in Europe from Merck & Co.? Depends who you ask.