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Latest Headlines

Pfizer talks up 'comprehensive' vaccines business

Though it can boast its ownership of the world's bestselling vaccine in Prevnar, Pfizer is not stopping there. On Tuesday, the New York City-based pharma unveiled details of its effort to build out its vaccines business by researching a range of conditions from birth until old age.

Yale scientists highlight a promising eczema study for Pfizer's Xeljanz

Yale scientists successfully tried out Pfizer's rheumatoid arthritis drug Xeljanz (tofacitinib) on a small group of people suffering from severe, treatment-resistant eczema, highlighting its added promise after the drug also demonstrated its potential in fighting two other skin conditions.

Expect vaccines market to swell to $40B by 2020: Tufts CSDD

Two recently-published market analyses paint a picture of a competitive but growing vaccines field through 2020, with the newest report from Tufts University stating the industry is on track to post $40 billion in annual sales in 5 years.

Pfizer announces it will shutter India plant, echoing same news from Sandoz

Pfizer will be closing a plant in India later this year. The announcement comes less than a week after Novartis announced that its Sandoz generics unit would close a plant in India at the end of 2016.

Pfizer opens Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine in Chile

Pfizer debuted its Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine in Santiago, Chile, last week, bulking up in Latin America, not exactly a hot spot for pharma industry R&D.

Pfizer brings S. aureus jab to PhIIb as it keeps the gas on vaccines expansion

Pfizer CEO Ian Read has long maintained that the company's vaccines unit should expand beyond the superstar pneumococcal disease blocker Prevenar. In addition to several moves last year and into this year, the company continued that work this week with the announcement of a "pivotal" trial for a surgical site infection candidate.

Pfizer's Viagra first ED drug available in single-dose packets

After 20 years, Viagra is getting a new look. In packaging, that is. Pfizer will now offer Viagra in single-dose packets that are about the size of a sugar packet. A size easy to slip into a shirt pocket, an image shown on the brand's website.

FDA to review modified-release version of Pfizer's Xeljanz for rheumatoid arthritis

Pfizer just announced that the FDA agreed to review a daily, 11-milligram modified-release tablet of its rheumatoid arthritis drug Xeljanz for patients who don't respond adequately to methotrexate (marketed as Rheumatrex and Trexall).

Mousera bags $20M VC round to advance sensor tech in preclinical research

Mousera has returned to investors for cash. The Silicon Valley startup emerged from stealth mode last year with $10 million in VC funding and ex-Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler on its board. Now, it has added a further $20 million in Series B funding and given a few more hints at what it is furtively building using the cash.

Stormy Australia hearings on transfer pricing by drug firms invoke Sergeant Schultz

Multinational drug firms in Australia faced a string of barbs in hearings held by a Senate panel into transfer pricing that included a reference to a fictitious German World War II prison camp guard.