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Latest Headlines

St. Jude earns CE mark, launches new algorithm for real-time pacemaker adjustment

St. Jude Medical is expanding its cardiac resynchronization therapy portfolio with SyncAV CRT software, which just received CE mark approval. The software builds on the company's MultiPoint Pacing tech.

UPDATED: FDA approves first leadless transcatheter pacemaker for Medtronic, St. Jude up next

Medtronic has won the first U.S. approval for a leadless pacemaker from the FDA. The inch-long device is the smallest available and is implanted directly into the heart's right ventricle chamber. Traditional pacemakers require wired leads to connect the device to the heart.

FDA approves, Medtronic launches the first remote monitoring pacemaker app

Medtronic has launched the first app-based remote monitoring for implantable pacemakers. Remote monitoring of pacemakers has been the standard of care, but this next-gen version goes beyond a dedicated device to do so.

Study finds smartphones can cause pacemakers and ICDs to malfunction

Research presented at a European conference found that wearers of cardiac devices should keep a safe distance from smartphones.

Startup receives $20M in funding to test its leadless pacemaker

A strategic device company, a former Medtronic president and an award-winning Stanford doctor are among the financiers of Silicon Valley's EBR Systems' attempt to commercialize the first leadless pacemaker implanted in the heart's left ventricle. Along with VCs like Split Rock Partners and SV Life Sciences, the group contributed $20 million toward the groundbreaking effort.

Boston Scientific ordered to pay up for pacemaker replacement surgery by EU court

Boston Scientific advised physicians about a particular pacemaker in 2005--but then declined to pay the bills for those surgeries that it subsequently received from German health insurers. An EU court ruled on March 5 that the company is liable for those costs, according to Reuters.

St. Jude gains CE mark for first pacemaker with MultiPoint Pacing

St. Jude Medical has gained approval for a quadripolar cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker that for the first time incorporates its MultiPoint Pacing technology that's been shown to be better for patients who don't respond to traditional biventrical pacing.

Court rules Boston Scientific owes inventor of pacemaker $309M

Boston Scientific owes $309 million in royalties and other expenses to Mirowski Family Ventures, associated with the deceased Dr. Michel Mirowski, principal inventor of the the pacemaker, said a jury in Maryland's Montgomery County Circuit Court yesterday.

FDA approves next-generation Medtronic pacemaker

Medtronic snagged FDA approval for its next-generation cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) pacemaker in patients with heart failure, expanding its cardiovascular portfolio and advancing its proprietary technology for heart rhythm therapy.

Purdue engineering students develop device to test pacemaker lead attachment

Engineering students at Purdue University have come up with what they say is a simple, cost-effective tool cardiac surgeons can use to test whether pacemaker leads have been securely anchored to heart tissue.