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Latest Headlines

Kitov Pharma's combo arthritis drug clears Phase III with an FDA filing on deck

Israel's Kitov Pharmaceuticals said its proprietary combination of two old drugs successfully treated osteoarthritis pain without spiking blood pressure in a Phase III trial, paving a path to FDA submission.

Cara's oral opioid cuts osteoarthritis pain in a Phase II trial

Cara Therapeutics said an oral version of its intravenous painkiller showed promise in a Phase II osteoarthritis study, clearing the way for further trials as the company targets a bevy of approvals.

Kitov Pharma pitches Nasdaq IPO to fund advance of Pfizer drug remix

Kitov Pharma is looking to a Nasdaq IPO to fund the final steps in development of its osteoarthritis drug. The product, which is already deep into Phase III, is a combination of Pfizer's Celebrex and an antihypertensive drug, a mix Kitov thinks will enable it to avoid the black-box warnings that blight other treatments for osteoarthritis.

Report: Dietary supplements gaining popularity as aging dogs fight arthritis

The Morris Animal Foundation has been tracking 3,000 golden retrievers since 2012, seeking information about common health conditions in dogs and how they're treated. One of the most widely reported problems in large-breed dogs is osteoarthritis, and now the foundation has gained some early insight into one of the most popular remedies sought out by dog owners to manage this painful condition: dietary supplements.

Xenon's Teva-partnered pain drug flunks a test in osteoarthritis

Xenon Pharmaceuticals' Teva-partnered treatment for osteoarthritis pain missed its goals in a Phase IIb trial, a failure the biotech believes won't derail the drug's development in other indications.

UPDATED: Startup Moximed gets $33M to gain FDA approval of early stage osteoarthritis knee implant

Moximed anticipates that its KineSpring System will prove useful for osteoarthritis sufferers as a first surgical step offered before arthroplasty. In support of its quest, the company has raised $33 million that it expects will be sufficient to gain FDA approval for the system.

Ampio routed as lead osteoarthritis drug flunks a PhIII test

Shares of Ampio Pharmaceuticals were crushed this morning after the biotech acknowledged that its lead drug flunked a Phase III test for osteoarthritis. And the news comes just days after one of its drug subsidiaries was absorbed into a new biotech that will be called Aytu.

Developer of injectable osteoarthritis treatment postpones $75M IPO, raises $4M in debt instead

Palo Alto CA's Carbylan Therapeutics is developing a Phase III injectable combination therapy for knee osteoarthritis to compete with Sanofi's offering, but in a setback, its planned $75 million IPO was postponed.

AnaMar rethinks pipeline after analyzing ashes of failed trial

AnaMar has rejigged its pipeline priorities after digging through the data from its failed Phase IIa trial. The trial missed its primary endpoint of reducing pain in people with mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain, but a post hoc subgroup analysis has persuaded AnaMar it was trialling the right drug in the wrong indication.

Microcapsules shuttle promising protein to treat osteoarthritis

Building on years of research into the anti-inflammatory and tissue-repairing properties of the protein molecule C-type natriuretic peptide, investigators in the U.K. say they have managed to overcome one of the hurdles that has prevented its use for treating osteoarthritis.