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Latest Headlines

Olympus looks to the future with launch of sinus surgery tool

Olympus, still in recovery mode after revealing a massive accounting scandal in 2011, continues attempts to refocus investor attention with the launch of new products. This time, the Japanese maker of endoscopes and cameras is rolling out a new tool designed to help speed up minimally invasive sinus surgeries.

San Francisco startup builds inexpensive endoscopy device

A San Francisco startup is plowing ahead developing a low-cost endoscopic device at a fraction of the price of products currently on the market. Such an advance could give Olympus and other competitors a run for their money, but the company's co-founder insists he'll pitch it in emerging markets.

Nikon mulls entry into medical devices business

Nikon, the Japanese camera and technology giant, is exploring a plunge into the medical device business.

Canon revs up MA med tech R&D operation

Japanese camera giant Canon is launching a research and development operation in Massachusetts that will focus on developing cutting edge medical device imaging tools.

At long last, Sony and Olympus launch medical device joint venture

After indefinitely suspending their plans over a Chinese regulatory snag, Sony and Olympus are finally kicking off their long-planned medical device joint venture, planning to sell endoscopes and imaging technologies around the world.

Olympus, Sony postpone joint medical device venture indefinitely

Sony and Olympus in Japan are putting off indefinitely their highly touted partnership to concoct new endoscopes and other medical devices. The delay stems from continued Chinese regulatory snafus.

Will Panasonic sell its healthcare division for $1.05B?

Panasonic may sell its successful healthcare/medical device business to raise some badly needed money in the face of struggling plasma TV and consumer electronics sales. The price tag: $1.05 billion, according to at least two media accounts.

EndoChoice grabs $43M to back merger with Israeli GI startup

EndoChoice's drive to develop a better gastrointestinal endoscopic tool has led to a merger with an Israeli startup and a $45 million round of financing to back the deal and fuel future expansion.

Olympus, Sony put off medical device joint venture

Sony and Olympus made headlines in September when they announced plans to partner and develop medical devices, but those ambitions will have to wait for next year as the two face a delay over anti-trust sign-offs.

As it turns to endoscopes, Sony's credit rating gets lowered

Barely two weeks after Sony solidified plans to expand its medical device and equipment business, Moody's Investor Service lowered its credit rating by a notch.