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Latest Headlines

NeuroPace reveals positive study results for neurostimulation epilepsy implant

California's NeuroPace unveiled promising study results for its antiepilepsy neurostimulation device, giving the company a boost as it ramps up development for the system in the U.S.

J&J Innovation's Ken Drazan on the future of med tech

Ken Drazan, the head of Johnson & Johnson's California Innovation Center, sat down with FierceMedicalDevices to muse on the company's interest in med tech.

UPDATED: NeuroPace RNS Stimulator secures add-on payments from CMS

NeuroPace's implantable neurostimulator will receive new technology add-on payments from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in recognition of its clinical benefits compared to older therapies for the treatment of uncontrolled epilepsy in adults. 

NeuroPace stimulator to be deployed in $40M DOD brain research initiative

The $40 million Department of Defense research program into restoring memory will use NeuroPace's implantable neurostimulator, a move that the company said could help it expand the product's indications beyond epilepsy.

NeuroPace's neurostimulation epilepsy implant is already making an impact

As interest in NeuroPace's new RNS neuromodulation antiepilepsy implant ramps up, The New York Times tracked down some of the patients who use the device and have experienced major improvements in their quality of life.

NeuroPace wins FDA signoff for neurostimulation epilepsy implant

California's NeuroPace gained the FDA's long-awaited signoff for its antiepilepsy neurostimulation implant, capping years of development and testing.

NeuroPace snags $18M for epilepsy implant

California's NeuroPace raised $18 million of a sought-after $50 million in its latest funding round, cash that should help speed along the path to market for its anti-epilepsy neurostimulation device.

NeuroPace wins FDA panel vote for epilepsy implant

NeuroPace is on the path to FDA approval for its anti-epilepsy neurostimulation device, winning unanimous backing from the agency's neurological devices panel.

Startups struggle with impending device tax

By now, the device-tax woes of major companies are well-told, but med tech startups, eking out small profits or taking losses, might suffer the worst from the 2.3% charge.