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Latest Headlines

Medtronic snags EU approval for an MRI-safe ICD

Medtronic is headed to the European market with what it says is the first implantable defibrillator cleared for full-body MRI scans, following a widespread trend toward imaging-safe implants.

FDA: Biotronik can expand its MRI-safe ICD trial

The FDA will allow Biotronik to expand its ProMRI trial in the U.S. to implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICD), making the German device maker first to the starting line to test whether a patient with an ICD can safely undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

Here are the 16 brain trauma R&D efforts funded by the NFL and GE

GE and the NFL have named 16 winners in the first stage of its "Head Health Challenge"--a competition that awards each winner $300,000 to further their work in diagnosis and treatment for mild traumatic brain injury. Here are the 16 companies and research efforts that won initial grants in a partnership that proposes to put $50 million into concussion imaging technology.

Study: Genetic test/MRI combo key for women at moderate breast cancer risk

New research suggests that a genetic test/MRI combo for patients with an intermediate risk of breast cancer is the most cost-effective and useful option for them.

Infused with $30M, ViewRay is speeding the rollout of its MRI radiotherapy device

ViewRay is winding up for a global launch of its MRI-guided radiotherapy delivery device, and now it has $30 million in new financing to help get the job done.

Doctors may be overusing MRI facilities they own

Physicians are making unnecessary referrals for orthopedic knee-imaging tests at MRI facilities in which they have a financial interest and are driving up costs as a result, a new study has determined.

Study: PET/MRI combo adds heft in cancer Dx

A new hospital/industry study reports of promise in blending PET and MRI imaging technologies to help diagnose and stage cancer treatments.

Live MRI brain imaging boosts surgical options

MIT Technology Review profiles live MRI imaging technology, an advance that's helping to visualize the brain in new ways during neurosurgery. It's also opening doors to some procedures that had been really difficult or off limits.

Harvard, Danish team develop new brain cancer MRI approach

Harvard Medical School and Danish researchers developed a new MRI diagnostic technique that can help determine how well patients with aggressive brain cancer will respond to a particular form of treatment.

InSightec's surgery-free brain tech eases tremor in study

Israel's InSightec is working to convince the FDA that its focused ultrasound technology can improve the lives of patients with essential tremor, and, in a pilot study, ExAblate Neuro did just that.