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Latest Headlines

Siemens, Case Western partner to develop MRI fingerprinting

Researchers are aiming to make diagnostic magnetic resonance images as uniquely identifiable as a fingerprint is in forensic use. Imaging giant Siemens and professors at Case Western Reserve University are working to do just that under a partnership that's recently been extended.

FDA nod for Siemens MRI software to reduce time needed for brain imaging

Brain MRIs, which account for roughly one out of four MRI exams, typically require at least 20 to 45 minutes to conduct. Now, a pair of new software applications from Siemens Healthcare aim to reduce that time dramatically--to only about 5 minutes. With 45 million brain MRIs expected globally this year, the new software could translate into massive cost savings for hospitals.

Goldman Sachs-backed imaging startup partners with MIT, Harvard for machine learning

The Goldman Sachs-backed startup Imaging Advantage, which reportedly tapped into up to $250 million in debt in January 2015, has partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital to develop an artificial intelligence engine known as Singularity Healthcare.

Abbott to launch 1,000+ patient trial to standardize traumatic brain injury testing

Abbott will launch a major study of several brain injury evaluation approaches along with researchers at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN, and the University of Minnesota. The goal is to evaluate a number of different tools including eye tracking, blood-based biomarkers, imaging and cognitive measures to develop a standard protocol for identifying brain injuries--including concussions.

GE, Arterys ready launch for deep learning diagnostic system for cardiac MRIs

A scant few months ago GE Healthcare disclosed a partnership with deep learning medical imaging startup Arterys, just as the San Francisco-based company nabbed a $7 million Series A investment. Now, GE is preparing to launch the resulting cardiac MR analysis system ViosWorks that offers a deep learning analysis of 7-dimensional cardiac imaging data.

Cleveland Clinic-partnered low-cost MRI provider nabs $6.5M to kick off national expansion

Wisconsin-based Smart Choice MRI hopes to start a low-cost revolution for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The startup already has 6 Wisconsin locations where it charges $600 or less for an MRI, as compared to the Wisconsin average, which the company said is almost $3,000. Smart Choice MRI shaves those costs down by not housing its own radiologists--it has a deal with the Cleveland Clinic to provide radiologist interpretation of its MRI images.

Startup gets $7M Series A, GE partnership to apply machine learning to medical imaging

A lot of money and energy is being invested in improving upon and supplementing the analysis conducted by radiologists of medical images. The expectation is that computers will offer a more precise and consistent inspection than practiced human eyes that will be applied to ever more sophisticated, timely and complex medical images.

Deep learning radiology startup Enlitic wins Aussie partner, $10M Series B

San Francisco-based Enlitic is working to apply the advances in deep learning in recent years to medical imaging. Now it's recruited the fastest-growing Australian radiology services provider, Capitol Health, to aid it in that quest with a partnership and by taking the lead on a $10 million Series B financing.

FDA launches probe into safety of common MRI contrast agent

Amid a growing body of research that shows deposits of gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) remain in the brain after repeat MRI procedures, the FDA is investigating the products' safety and risks.

Profound Medical partners with Philips just after reverse merger

Profound Medical went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange last month and raised $25 million in June. Now, it's partnered with Royal Philips to develop its novel, minimally invasive prostate gland ablation tool to be used on Philips' MRI systems.