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Latest Headlines

MIT researchers develop ingestible real-time vital sign monitor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have published an animal proof-of-concept study of their ingestible vital sign monitor that tracks heart and respiratory rates in real time.

MIT spinout Portal gets $25M Series B to develop needle-free, biologics drug delivery system

Large molecule biologics aren't easy, convenient or painless for patients to administer since typically they require injections. Portal Instruments hopes to provide an alternative for patients, particularly those with chronic diseases who consistently require these injections. It's developing a computerized, needle-free drug delivery system for injectable biologics.

MIT researchers develop noninvasive, fingertip device to count white blood cells in real time

A group of bioengineers have developed a noninvasive, portable device that resembles a finger-worn, pulse oximeter to count white blood cells. They have three workable prototypes that are being tested with chemotherapy patients to track their immune system in real-time. The researchers aim to have an initial beta product that it can support via crowdfunding in 2017, with a product on the market potentially in 2019.

Philips, MIT partner to develop ultrasound brain injury detection

Royal Philips and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have teamed up to develop a noninvasive means of measuring intracranial pressure to detect brain injuries. It's expected to incorporate Philips' ultrasound technology and MIT's physiological modeling.

Broad Institute gets $20M to target TB from Wall Street-led philanthropists

Hedge fund managers are so flush that now they're giving money away. A pair of prominent fund heads have led a collection of wealthy individuals to back a project at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard researching the bacteria behind tuberculosis with $20 million. The goal is to better understand the bacteria itself, as well as how drug resistance forms in it and to develop a rapid diagnostic test for drug-resistant TB.

MIT to launch nonprofit focused on empirical evaluation of digital health products

MIT's Hacking Medicine program, which studies digital health and medicine, is set to become a nonprofit institute devoted to empirically evaluating the real-world effectiveness of the latest medical gadgets, gizmos, smartphone apps and the like.  

Implanted device releases drugs to help determine cancer-killing course of action

Researchers from MIT demonstrated that a 3-mm-long microdevice holding up to 16 different drugs and drug combinations can release those drugs when implanted directly in a tumor to then determine the tumor's sensitivity to those therapies.

Philips, MIT partner in $25M deal to develop innovative med tech, lighting

Royal Philips and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have partnered in a 5-year research alliance with a $25 million budget to develop novel product solutions in healthcare and lighting.

MIT designing geometric implants that aren't rejected by immune system

An MIT team is developing implants that can withstand attacks from the body's immune system, which generally treats foreign objects as invaders.

MIT spinout Myomo bags $5M to market its arm movement device for the neurologically impaired

Myomo has raised an initial $5 million tranche of a Series B round to help it to market its MyoPro Myoelectric Arm Orthosis. The round was from existing investors and led by Mountain Group.