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Latest Headlines

Veracyte grabs Allegro Diagnostics for $21M and jumps into lung cancer test space

Veracyte plans to snatch up Allegro Diagnostics for $21 million, making a grab for greater size and that company's promising new lung cancer test.

GeneCentric grabs $5M Series A to advance testing for personalized cancer treatments

Startup GeneCentric Diagnostics pulled in $5 million in new Series A financing, according to reports from The Herald-Sun and Dow Jones VentureWire, among other media organizations. The money will help the North Carolina startup advance further development of gene-based diagnostic products designed to enable personalized treatments.

UPDATED: Clovis preps for a blockbuster showdown with AstraZeneca

Clovis Oncology has come out of the gate at ASCO with updated--and promising--data on its targeted lung cancer drug CO-1686, offering fresh evidence of its durability and effectiveness.

Database IDs new uses for existing drugs

Researchers at the University of Colorado have developed a new database and pattern-matching algorithm that allows drug developers to evaluate drugs and drug combinations for purposes other than their FDA-approved use.

AstraZeneca: Coming up from behind--fast--with top cancer programs

Earlier in the month AstraZeneca, the longtime poster child of R&D dysfunction, was reduced to making some bold--possibly ridiculous--sales projections on early-stage programs. Now their research teams are coming up with some hard numbers, and they look good.

MIT researchers deliver low doses of siRNA to lung endothelial cells

One of the chief drawbacks of RNA interference therapies so far has been the difficulty of delivering small interfering RNA to cells outside the liver. That's why a newly reported breakthrough in delivering siRNA to endothelial cells in the lung and other organs is a big deal.

Diagnostics firm Indi snags $47.3M for lung tests

Seattle startup Integrated Diagnostics, or Indi, picked up $47.3 million in equity and debt financing, money it'll use to expand the market for its lung nodule-diagnosing test.

Seattle firm attracts $47.25M for blood test that confirms benign lung nodules

Seattle's Indi, or Integrated Diagnostics, pulled in an astounding $47.25 million in new financing designed, in part, to further a test that helps identify benign lung nodules.

Pfizer's targeted Xalkori outshines chemo in trial of untreated lung cancer patients

Pfizer said its targeted cancer drug Xalkori trounced chemotherapy in a trial of previously untreated patients with a particular type of lung cancer. The study showed for the first time that up-front treatment with Xalkori staves off cancer growth better than other treatments in patients whose tumors test positive for ALK-gene abnormalities.

Roche racks up another PhIII setback as MetMab flops against lung cancer

More than two years ago Roche CEO Severin Schwan picked the cancer drug MetMAb out of the pipeline as one of the company's top blockbuster prospects. But on Monday its oncology R&D arm at Genentech was forced to halt a Phase III combo study matching MetMAb with Tarceva in a failed effort to block metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer after an independent monitoring group flagged the attempt for futility.