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Latest Headlines

Ortho after the Carlyle takeover: A Q&A with CEO Martin Madaus

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics CEO Martin Madaus told FierceMedicalDevices in an interview that Ortho has been actively investing in building out as a standalone company, which has dragged on earnings in the near term. But he added that Ortho has returned to revenue growth--and is aiming to get to about a 4% run rate.

J&J: Valuations 'still high' in med tech, as it seeks to execute on device restructure

Johnson & Johnson's medical device sales continued to slide in the first quarter, although the conglomerate, which announced a major medical device business restructuring early this year, was quick to underscore that this effort was on track and going well.

Google's Brin says med tech Verily biz is profitable--and becoming more so: Report

Google parent company Alphabet has been slow to reveal financial details on its newer businesses. But now Google co-founder and Alphabet executive Sergey Brin is starting to offer some insights. He told company employees at a recent meeting that Verily, its med tech-focused business, is already profitable on a cash basis, tech pub Re/code reported.

J&J gets FDA approval for continuous manufacturing of Prezista

It may not be anything like a meme or a juggernaut, but some definite momentum is building in pharma for continuous manufacturing. Janssen, Johnson & Johnson's generic drug unit, has won FDA approval for a continuous manufacturing line at a plant in Puerto Rico. That came just days after Eli Lilly said it would build a continuous manufacturing facility in Ireland.

Celltrion's Remicade biosim kneecapped Merck in Europe. Can it do the same to J&J in the U.S.?

The FDA has officially green-lighted the Remicade biosimilar Inflectra, a med from South Korea's Celltrion and Pfizer's Hospira. But will the knockoff be able to capture the same kind of market share from Johnson & Johnson that it's been stealing in Europe from Merck & Co.? Depends who you ask.

Startup wins PMA approval for direct-visualization, endoscopic ablation for afib

CardioFocus has nabbed an approval from the FDA for its HeartLight Endoscopic Ablation System to treat paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

J&J dials up diagnostic R&D with new projects for COPD, gestational diabetes mellitus

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen arm is dialing up research through its Disease Interception Accelerator (DIA), a unit focused on predicting and preventing certain diseases through new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The company is kicking off two new projects for COPD and gestational diabetes aimed at uncovering the biological underpinnings of the diseases.

UPDATED: J&J moves to settle swath of lawsuits over power morcellator devices: WSJ

Johnson & Johnson wants to put litigation to rest over its power morcellator devices, and it wants to do it quickly. To accomplish this goal, the company is settling a number of suits claiming that its product, which J&J has since pulled from the market, harmed women by spreading cancer.

NICE changes its tune on J&J's Zytiga for pre-chemo prostate cancer treatment

The U.K. cost watchdogs at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have said they couldn't fund Johnson & Johnson's prostate cancer drug Zytiga for pre-chemo treatment because it was too expensive. Now J&J has stepped forward with some discounts, so NICE is changing its tune.

J&J highlights consumer devices, most investable 6 device segments in quest for growth

At the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference on March 17, Johnson & Johnson highlighted a consumer medical device focus, particularly in emerging markets, alongside 6 device areas of innovation that are expected to undergird growth in the segment for the conglomerate going forward.