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Latest Headlines

GlaxoSmithKline tees up another huge cardio PhIII after darapladib flop

After a costly string of defeats with the heart drug darapladib, GlaxoSmithKline's cardio unit is rolling into Phase III with another cardiac hopeful, launching an expansive late-stage effort for losmapimod, designed to prevent repeat heart attacks.

Philips touts encouraging results from an early test of its hand-held cardiac blood Dx

Philips Healthcare is touting some positive early results from a field study of its new hand-held blood test to spot patients at high risk for heart attacks or other "acute cardiac events."

Hydrogel delivers inhibitors directly to reduce damage after a heart attack

In a study published in the journal  Nature Materials, University of Pennsylvania scientists describe a hydrogel they developed that is designed to be applied directly to heart muscle to reduce continuing damage after a heart attack.

Loyola team zeros in on an early-stage heart attack biomarker

Researchers believe they've come up with a new biomarker blood test that can diagnose heart attack much more quickly than existing tests allow and thereby reduce the potential for long-term harm.

Gene therapy regenerates damaged tissue in pigs after heart attack

An experimental gene therapy developed by investigators at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai successfully regenerated heart muscle in pigs following a heart attack.

Statins delivered with HDL nanoparticles reduce risk of second heart attack, stroke

High-density lipoproteins are a key component in the transportation of molecules such as cholesterol and fats inside the body. And by using a synthetic nanoparticle version of these natural vehicles, researchers have found a way to deliver drugs to the heart that could potentially prevent repeat heart attacks or stroke.

Microparticle therapy restores damaged tissue after a heart attack

A microparticle therapy developed by researchers at Northwestern Medicine and the University of Sydney in Australia may be able to restore heart tissue damaged by inflammation following a heart attack.

PhIII judgment day looms for GlaxoSmithKline's heart drug darapladib

GlaxoSmithKline has racked up a slate of drug approvals this year, an impressive accomplishment for a company that had to endure a lengthy fallow period in R&D after it reorganized its extensive research operations. 

Study: Multiple cardiac stents could prevent future heart attacks

When a patient succumbs to a heart attack, the cardiologist places a stent to open the offending artery. But adding multiple, preventive stents seems to produce better outcomes than just one, U.K. researchers conclude in a new study.

Study: Abbott blood test spots more female heart attack risks

An Abbott Diagnostics assay wowed researchers by identifying far more female patients likely to suffer heart attacks than current technology allows.