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Latest Headlines

Philips launches first hand-held Dx for heart attack, as lighting IPO values biz at almost $4B

Royal Philips has made moves on a couple of fronts this week. It launched its heart attack test for its handheld diagnostic device after gaining a CE mark. And it also successfully executed an IPO for its lighting business that valued the company at almost $4 billion.

California researchers combine imaging techs to better detect high-risk atherosclerosis

Several tests exist to detect atherosclerosis, the plaque buildup in arteries that can lead to heart attack and stroke, but each has its limitations. NIH-supported labs at UC Irvine and the University of Southern California have combined two types of imaging to create a promising new method to identify atherosclerotic plaques.

Single gene mutation linked with significantly reduced heart attack risk

Scientists at the German Heart Center at TU Munich along with an international group of academic collaborators have found a gene mutation that may reduce the likelihood of a heart attack by 50%. The findings could lead to a new medicine that mimics the effects of the mutation, conferring protection against a heart attack.

Stanford researchers show glucose-binging immune cells central to coronary artery disease

A team at Stanford University School of Medicine has pinpointed a class of immune cells that may be the key drivers of coronary artery disease (CAD). The findings from this study may present a new strategy to target CAD--a disease that causes over a half of all deaths in the U.S.

Physician groups issue statement in support of bariatric surgery to reduce heart disease risk

Curbing the risk and incidence of Type 2 diabetes has long been a reason patients turn to bariatric surgery. Now, three physician groups have joined together to publish a scientific statement in support of the use of bariatric surgery to enable the obese to improve cholesterol and lipid levels, which are risk factors in heart disease.

Report: Women have fewer procedures after heart attack than men

Amid a growing body of research on heart health devices and blood pressure monitoring, a new report from Blue Cross Blue Shield shows that women undergo fewer diagnostic procedures and treatments following a heart attack than men.

NIH: Study finds close management of blood pressure reduces cardiac disease, deaths

The National Institutes of Health called an early halt for an enormous, 9,300+ person trial examining the role of blood pressure intervention due to significant preliminary results. The U.S. agency found that maintaining systolic blood pressure at a lower level than current recommendations reduces rates of heart disease and the risk of death.

Nipro to buy partner, heart attack prediction imaging upstart Infraredx

Infraredx will be acquired by its Japanese partner and investor Nipro. The pair had an exclusive 5-year distribution deal in Japan for the company to sell the startup's cardiac imaging system. Nipro has already gained Japanese approval for the NIRS-IVUS True Vessel Characterization Imaging System from Infraredx to find cholesterol-rich, lipid core coronary plaques that are thought to precipitate heart attack.

AstraZeneca gets FDA nod for alternative administration of oral heart med

AstraZeneca's Brilinta can now be crushed and mixed with water or delivered through the nose via a tube, the FDA said, in a move designed to help patients who are unable to swallow the 90-mg tablets whole.

Protein switch could aid recovery after heart attack

By switching on a protein in the heart, scientists may be able to improve recovery in patients that have just endured a heart attack.