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Latest Headlines

Medtronic, Qualcomm partner for disposable, connected Type 2 diabetes continuous glucose monitors

The largest continuous blood glucose monitor player, Medtronic, has started an ambitious project with partner Qualcomm that's expected to lead to a disposable continuous glucose monitor for the enormous underserved Type 2 diabetes population in developing nations.

Let's make a med tech deal: J&J, Medtronic, Apple, Google sit on piles of cash

Med tech is attracting a huge range of strategic investors right now. Healthcare is almost universally recognized as in need of rationalization--the application of technology in the effort to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. Medical devices and diagnostics, and the data that they generate, are expected to be central to achieving that goal in the coming decades.

Telecom companies lose out to Google, Apple in med tech telemedicine race

A few years ago, telecom companies such as Verizon and AT&T made big bets on med tech. But the carriers didn't meet their goals, leaving tech giants including Google and Apple with ample room to charge ahead.

Does Google AI initiative DeepMind go too deep into NHS patient info?

The U.K.'s National Health Service has partnered with Google to have the company apply its artificial intelligence efforts, known as DeepMind, to the healthcare data of the 1.6 million patients treated at three London hospitals each year.

Alcon 'open for business' on deals, aims to return to sales growth in H2 2016

Novartis is working to execute on its turnaround plan for its Alcon vision business. But for now, sales are still on the decline. In the first quarter, Alcon net sales fell 7% from $1.4 billion. The company said it expects the unit to return to sales growth during the second half of this year--and that it ultimately expects it to have low-single-digit organic growth.

Google's Brin says med tech Verily biz is profitable--and becoming more so: Report

Google parent company Alphabet has been slow to reveal financial details on its newer businesses. But now Google co-founder and Alphabet executive Sergey Brin is starting to offer some insights. He told company employees at a recent meeting that Verily, its med tech-focused business, is already profitable on a cash basis, tech pub Re/code reported.

Google discloses 30 grant winners in disabilities innovation challenge

Google will award a series of grants of roughly $500,000 to $1.5 million apiece to the 30 nonprofit winners of its Impact Challenge for innovative technology to address the needs of the disabled.

Verily CEO Conrad does damage control in light of managerial attacks

Verily CEO Andrew Conrad is doing damage control after an article last week said that he was driving away top talent from the Alphabet spinoff. The controversial tech helmsman granted a rare interview to a reporter, in which he admitted some missteps but ultimately defended the company's progress.

J&J highlights consumer devices, most investable 6 device segments in quest for growth

At the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference on March 17, Johnson & Johnson highlighted a consumer medical device focus, particularly in emerging markets, alongside 6 device areas of innovation that are expected to undergird growth in the segment for the conglomerate going forward.

Google's Verily makes pitch to become the backbone of connected clinical trials

Verily, the Alphabet division formerly known as Google Life Sciences, is developing a device that could become the backbone of digitally connected research. Dubbed the "Connectivity Bridge," the technology is a wireless hub capable of pulling in and uploading data from assorted digital tools.