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Latest Headlines

GE Healthcare's Alzheimer's imaging agent gains backing of key EU agency committee

GE Healthcare's imaging agent Vizamyl is on the verge of European approval as a tool to help diagnose Alzheimer's disease, something that could help counter challenges to build momentum for the product in the U.S.

GE wins FDA approval for automated breast imaging system

GE Healthcare won FDA approval for its automated breast imaging system for women with dense breast tissue, continuing its ongoing campaign to develop innovative cancer diagnostics and imaging technologies.

GE Healthcare collaborates with CorTechs Labs on MRI scans

GE Healthcare and MRI software provider CorTechs Labs signed a joint-marketing agreement on a MRI scanning solution used in conjunction with CorTech's NeuroQuant program.

GE launches Alzheimer's imaging agent in a cloudy market

GE Healthcare is rolling out its FDA-approved Vizamyl, an imaging agent designed to spotlight Alzheimer's-tied buildups in PET scans, but reimbursement uncertainty paints a murky picture of the product's commercial future.

GE Healthcare looks to extend its M&A streak

GE Healthcare has been no stranger to dealmaking over the past year, and the company's CEO said it has no plans to let up.

GE Healthcare's Dineen: A quest for new acquisitions will continue

Despite heavy competition, GE Healthcare will forge ahead with its ongoing acquisition spree, division chairman and CEO John Dineen has said. Execs are continuing their search for more information technology and life sciences diagnostic deals to help enhance the company's edge.

GE Healthcare makes a buyout deal in hospital management tech

GE Healthcare is looking to cash in on the march toward hospital efficiency. It announced the acquisition of operating room management and analytics solutions provider CHCA Computer Systems today for an undisclosed amount. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2014.

GE Healthcare unit recalls infant warmer systems in China

A GE Healthcare unit recalled hundreds of infant resuscitation devices in China after uncovering potential safety issues. The recall coincides with China's latest regulatory action, which calls for more stringent oversight of medical device makers.

GE Healthcare will supply cancer Dx tools in new Indian care clinics

GE Healthcare is going beyond just selling diagnostic imaging products in India to get involved, in part, in the distribution of care. The company will team up with a U.S. cancer healthcare operator to open cancer clinics that will rely on some of its key technology.

GE rolls out a discount cancer imaging system for personalized medicine in India

GE Healthcare has developed a discount molecular imaging system for cancer detection, intended for physicians practicing personalized medicine in emerging markets--especially India, where the devicemaker got help designing the system.