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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: GE to exit financial biz, but will keep VC and healthcare equipment financing arms

GE is divesting most of its GE Capital financial services arm to focus on its core strengths in industrial equipment, like airplane engines and MRIs and other imaging devices.

GE Healthcare's pathology arm to use Omnyx's software for digital analysis of specimens

GE Healthcare announced that its diagnostic laboratory company, Clarient, will soon deploy Omnyx's proprietary software, as pathology pivots away from visual diagnosis and toward quantitative computer-based tools.

GE tech hub develops innovative handheld probe for bedsore monitoring

As the med tech industry turns its attention to devices that can treat and prevent bedsores, a team of GE researchers is developing an innovative handheld probe that can prevent the sores, or pressure ulcers, from forming during hospital stays.

GE collaborates with Canadian hospital on ultrasound tech for monitoring breast cancer

GE Healthcare is co-developing a novel ultrasound device to diagnose the effectiveness of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients developed by a hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto.

GE explains the recall of its MRI systems to FierceMedicalDevices

GE told FierceMedicalDevices in an email that the recall was voluntarily initiated following a single safety incident in India, where some users had disabled the so-called magnetic rundown unit, because the company "wanted to ensure that the human error was not occurring at other sites globally."

GE Healthcare says strong U.S. growth offset weakness abroad

GE touted the strength of its healthcare business in the U.S., saying the country compensates for slowing growth in countries like Japan and Russia and is a headwind against unfavorable exchange rates abroad.

GE-backed InSightec gets $59M for noninvasive surgical tool, adds ex-Mako CEO to board

Israeli medical device company InSightec closed a $59 million Series D round led by major institutional investors in the U.S. and Asia. It's left room for existing shareholders to invest an additional $3.5 million through the end of January.

Study finds hand-held ultrasound device improves diagnosis of heart disease

Medical students who were trained to diagnose valvular heart disease using hand-held echocardiography technology performed better than students trained to diagnose the disease using only traditional methods, such as listening for heart murmurs with a stethoscope.

GE Healthcare lends imaging tech to Takeda for Dx partnership

As chronic liver disease numbers continue to skyrocket, diagnostics heavyweight GE Healthcare and Japanese-based Takeda are teaming up to develop new drugs to counter the trend.

Takeda recruits GE to help discover new liver treatments

The growing scourge of liver disease in the developed world has spurred a frenzied race among drug developers to ferret out new therapies, and Takeda, new to the field, has recruited the diagnostics experts at GE Healthcare to shepherd its early R&D efforts.