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Latest Headlines

Startup gets $7M Series A, GE partnership to apply machine learning to medical imaging

A lot of money and energy is being invested in improving upon and supplementing the analysis conducted by radiologists of medical images. The expectation is that computers will offer a more precise and consistent inspection than practiced human eyes that will be applied to ever more sophisticated, timely and complex medical images.

GE investing $40M in Ireland plant and will add 140 jobs

GE Healthcare, which has been on an expansion binge, intends to double its manufacturing capacity for medical imaging contrast media at its plant in Carrigtwohill, Cork, Ireland, with a $40 million expansion.

GE Healthcare rolls out four cloud-based radiology apps to shift healthcare analysis to the cloud

GE Healthcare is launching its Health Cloud--an effort to make images available to healthcare providers across multiple settings and to encourage remote analysis of them. It currently includes four cloud-based apps and was disclosed as part of the ongoing Radiological Society of North America meeting in Chicago, IL.

GE Healthcare does molecular breast imaging distribution deal with Dilon

Imaging company Dilon Diagnostics has landed a partnership to distribute a molecular breast imaging system from GE Healthcare in select, undisclosed global geographies. The offering is intended to complement Dilon's own molecular imaging offerings.

GE Healthcare JV joins White House initiative for remote cancer Dx in Africa, Haiti

The effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer has remained a largely First World problem so far. But someday, perhaps sooner rather than later, that's expected to no longer be the case. A coalition has created a global initiative to improve access to some of the most underserved populations in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti.

GE Healthcare partners with an Oregon university for cardiovascular research

GE Healthcare will work with Oregon Health & Science University to develop collaborative research programs in cardiovascular medicine, imaging and big data research. They expect to address essential questions about biology and medicine through the combination of the clinical expertise of OHSU and the technological facility of GE Healthcare.

GE Healthcare, Shine advance tech to create imaging radioisotope without weapons-grade uranium

The race is on to develop U.S. sources for a material necessary to create the most widely used radioisotope in medical diagnostic imaging. Now GE Healthcare and startup Shine Technologies have disclosed that they have successfully used GE's existing tech to create the common medical radioisotope technetium-99m (Tc‑99m) from molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) produced by Shine.

First prefab biologics plant goes up in China, in 11 days

Call it a biopharma plant in a box--62 boxes actually. That is how many containers were shipped from a GE production facility to China to build GE's first prefab biologics plant for JHL Biotech, a company founded by U.S. biotech veterans working on biosimilars.

Small cap NeoGenomics to buy GE cancer diagnostics biz Clarient for $300M

Oncology genomics player NeoGenomics is slated to buy GE cancer diagnostic unit Clarient Diagnostic Services in a cash and stock deal worth about $300 million. That's an impressive feat given that NeoGenomics' market cap was less than $350 million prior to the deal announcement.

GE Healthcare creates an emerging markets unit with $300M commitment

GE Healthcare has staked a major claim in a field that's not well tended--the development of affordable medical technologies to improve health outcomes in the emerging markets. It's creating a devoted business called Sustainable Healthcare Solutions out of a combination of its operations in India, South Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia dedicated to serving 70 markets--and investing $300 million to back the effort.