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Latest Headlines

Parker Hannifin seals clinical test deal for exoskeleton device

The development of exoskeleton devices for patients with spinal cord or brain injuries takes an interesting step forward, with this week's announcement of Parker Hannifin ($PH) clinical trial deal with a major rehab hospital. 

Cool devices and diagnostics: Advances in the field

Medical device researchers and companies are advancing what was once science fiction in the device and medical equipment realm ever closer to market reality. Even major companies such as Abbott and Boston Scientific are becoming futuristic. Both this year have achieved major milestones with medical devices as ubiquitous as stents and ICDs, updating both products with innovative, life-saving twists. Check out the slideshow >>

Ekso Bionics looks to expand robotic walking aids

Ekso Bionics has created a self-contained robotic walking aid, and while the device is currently only used in rehabilitation clinics, the Berkley, CA, company is looking to to commercialize the product in the future.