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Latest Headlines

Senseonics nabs CE Mark for implantable glucose monitor, as it readies for FDA next half

Senseonics has a novel approach to blood glucose monitoring with its subcutaneous implant system. And now it's got a CE mark approval for it and is gearing up for an FDA submission.

Tandem off 20% as it loses insurer to Medtronic for insulin pumps

Perhaps not too surprisingly, medical device megagiant Medtronic has again bested tiny Tandem Diabetes Care in the continuous glucose monitor market. Tandem disclosed that its customer UnitedHealthcare would adopt Medtronic as its in-network insulin pump provider.

Dexcom targets Europe as it buys distributor, opens HQ and aims for reimbursement

Dexcom is working to up its commercial game in Europe. The latest part of that plan is an acquisition of its distributor in Germany, Switzerland and Austria: Nintamed.

Fujitsu developing portable breath sensor in cancer; aims for 2018 launch

Japanese electronics players have long had a focus on med tech, with Canon recently doubling down in its $6 billion planned purchase of the imaging business from peer Toshiba. But despite being somewhat bogged down by legacy businesses--some are trying to stake a claim in innovative technology.

Medtronic divulges Type 2 diabetes outcomes data for MiniMed

Medtronic has released the latest study results from its MiniMed insulin pumps.

Merck Animal Health rolls out smartphone app for pet diabetes monitoring

Merck Animal Health is rolling out a free app that lets pet owners monitor their animal's diabetes through a smartphone or tablet.

South Korean team developing graphene-based patch for monitoring and treating diabetes

Researchers at South Korea's Institute for Basic Science are developing a drug-delivering glucose monitoring microneedle patch made of gold-doped graphene. It showed promise on diabetic mice, according to a just-published paper in Nature Nanotechnology.

S. Korean diabetes patch monitors blood sugar and delivers metformin

To add to the slew of researchers looking for a new way to deliver treatments to diabetics who want to avoid shots, a team of researchers in South Korea have developed a patch that can both monitor blood sugar and deliver treatments based on the sweat of the patient.

NEA's Senseonics aims to submit to FDA for diabetic monitor implant next half, as it raises $45M

Founded more than 20 years ago, glucose monitor implant startup Senseonicsy is now hoping that it can get regulators to sign off on its continuous glucose monitor Eversense that's based on a tiny implant to track diabetics for up to 90 days. That's much longer than the typical 5- to 7-day span that's available for popular patch-based CGMs.

J&J highlights consumer devices, most investable 6 device segments in quest for growth

At the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference on March 17, Johnson & Johnson highlighted a consumer medical device focus, particularly in emerging markets, alongside 6 device areas of innovation that are expected to undergird growth in the segment for the conglomerate going forward.