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Latest Headlines

GI Dynamics reveals final data from terminated EndoBarrier trial

GI Dynamics announced the final results from the U.S. pivotal trial of its endoscopically delivered device to treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Intarcia to double to 800 employees as it moves into new digs

Intarcia is looking to boost its employee count to 400 by the end of this year, and to 800 in 2017 as it preps to move into a new 47,000-square-foot headquarters next month, the Boston Business Journal reported. It currently has 70 employees at its Boston location, with more than 200 total.

Medtronic partners with LA startup for diabetes, chronic disease management tools

Medtronic is picking up a whole line of chronic disease management programs to market from a new partnership with Canary Health. The devices giant anticipates that the programs, which encourage and direct patients toward better self-care, will be reimbursable--which can be a tough hurdle for software-based approaches to disease.

Philips, Texas A&M collaborate on population health project

Philips and Texas A&M University are joining forces on a project focused on developing population health solutions to prevent diabetes, asthma and infectious diseases in South Texas.

IBM Watson, ADA partner to apply cognitive computing to diabetes clinical and research data

Patient advocacy and research groups are becoming increasingly sophisticated about how they invest in research and wield technology for the benefit of the patients they represent. Now, some are turning to IBM Watson Health to help make sense of their massive data repositories via cognitive computing--as well as to enlist its aid in providing better patient resources.

Medtronic's MiniMed insulin pumps now work with Glooko for retrospective diabetic data insights

Startup Glooko is working to make the data from all sorts of diabetes devices--from standard blood glucose monitors to insulin pumps to continuous blood glucose monitors--available for analysis after the fact to encourage better, more informed decisions over time by patients and physicians.

Senseonics nabs CE Mark for implantable glucose monitor, as it readies for FDA next half

Senseonics has a novel approach to blood glucose monitoring with its subcutaneous implant system. And now it's got a CE mark approval for it and is gearing up for an FDA submission.

Tandem off 20% as it loses insurer to Medtronic for insulin pumps

Perhaps not too surprisingly, medical device megagiant Medtronic has again bested tiny Tandem Diabetes Care in the continuous glucose monitor market. Tandem disclosed that its customer UnitedHealthcare would adopt Medtronic as its in-network insulin pump provider.

Dexcom targets Europe as it buys distributor, opens HQ and aims for reimbursement

Dexcom is working to up its commercial game in Europe. The latest part of that plan is an acquisition of its distributor in Germany, Switzerland and Austria: Nintamed.

Fujitsu developing portable breath sensor in cancer; aims for 2018 launch

Japanese electronics players have long had a focus on med tech, with Canon recently doubling down in its $6 billion planned purchase of the imaging business from peer Toshiba. But despite being somewhat bogged down by legacy businesses--some are trying to stake a claim in innovative technology.