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Latest Headlines

J&J slapped with $500M verdict in metal-on-metal hip implant cases

Johnson & Johnson is facing a dark chapter in its legal saga over its Pinnacle devices. A federal jury ordered the company to fork over $500 million to 5 plaintiffs who claimed injuries from J&J's metal-on-metal hip implants.

J&J's DePuy comes under fire for all-metal hip manufacturing in U.K.

Johnson & Johnson's DePuy unit has faced plenty of pushback the past few years over its all-metal hip implants, with patients suing the company for alleged design defects causing pain and injury. Now the company is in the hot seat again, and this time, it's for manufacturing problems in the U.K. linked to the devices.

Johnson & Johnson weighs $250M settlement to resolve more hip implant claims

Long plagued by suits over its metal-on-metal hip implants, Johnson & Johnson is weighing a $250 million settlement to resolve more claims that were not covered under an earlier accord.

J&J scores victory in first metal-on-metal hip implant case to go to trial

Johnson & Johnson scored a victory in the first case to go to trial for its metal-on-metal hip implants, as a Texas jury ruled against a woman who claimed that Pinnacle devices made by the company's DePuy subsidiary poisoned her and caused undue pain and suffering.

The metal-on-metal hip legal saga round one (of 6,000?): J&J vs. Herlihy-Paoli

Johnson & Johnson squared off with aggrieved metal-on-metal hip customer Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli in a case that the plaintiffs says could lead to a $5 billion-plus payout. Herlihy-Paoli's claims that the hips leaked metal into her bloodstream, leading to an infection that required the artificial hip to be removed.  

J&J shoring up for latest courtroom battle over all-metal hip implant

Long beleaguered by claims related to defective all-metal hip implants, Johnson & Johnson is shoring up for its latest courtroom battle as the company faces the first trial for one of its artificial hip devices.

J&J's DePuy, fearing fracture or limb-loss risks, recalls orthopedic implant part

Johnson & Johnson's DePuy arm is recalling multiple lots of an orthopedic implant part prone to fracturing in some cases, and the FDA slapped its most-serious Class I status onto the effort. Limb loss is listed as one of the risks.

Does J&J's latest metal hip lawsuit boost the number to 10,001?

With more than 10,000 lawsuits already in the mix, Johnson & Johnson must deal with yet another patient's allegation's that company knowingly sold faulty metal hip implants and didn't warn the public.

Stryker confronts mounting metal hip recall lawsuits

Stryker's bottom line is already taking a hit from the escalating cost of its all-metal hip recalls. But lawsuits against the device maker are also rising, threatening to grab an even bigger chunk of the company's cash.

J&J will abandon metal hip replacement sales

Johnson & Johnson has had enough with metal-on-metal and ceramic-on-metal hips, disclosing that it will leave those business lines entirely behind by the end of 2014.