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Cheap Dx spots lung cancer mutation ripe for Pfizer drug

Personalized medicine takes another step forward, as scientists from Pfizer and South Korea make progress developing a diagnostic test that can quickly and cheaply identify patients who can benefit from the company's lung cancer drug Xalkori (crizotinib).

Pfizer, Takeda advance new cancer drugs across the Atlantic

The companies were among several winners of positive recommendations from the EMA's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) on Friday, and their nods represent two cases where the FDA has beat its EU counterpart to the punch.

Pfizer (finally) wins a big one with crizotinib approval for lung cancer

Proving once again just how eager the FDA is to see targeted cancer treatments hit the market, regulators announced late Friday they had issued an approval for Pfizer's non-small cell lung cancer...

Pfizer's potential offload of biz units could aid R&D prospects

Pfizer chief Ian Read's (photo) strategy to make the drug giant a more focused machine is gaining some kudos--especially as it relates to how this strategy could boost the firm's top pipeline

Analyst bets on approval of Pfizer's lung cancer drug

Following the impressive data Pfizer presented at ASCO for its lung cancer drug crizotinib, Credit Suisse analyst Catherine Arnold predicts the drug has an 80 percent chance of winning FDA approval

UPDATED: ASCO roundup: Fresh progress of Merck, Pfizer cancer drugs

The burst of cancer drug news out of ASCO has spotlighted significant advances on a host of new drug programs, with Merck and Pfizer both benefiting from the limelight. (You can find fresh data on

Globe highlights targeted cancer drugs from Pfizer, Roche ahead of ASCO

The Boston Globe this morning noted Pfizer's crizotinib and Roche's vemurafenib as two poster children of sorts for drugs developed to target the molecular drivers of cancer growth. And the targeted

ASCO highlights targeted cancer drugs from Pfizer, Exelixis

A major theme at the big American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting next month will be matching cancer patients with drugs based on the biology of their tumors. The so-called targeted

Pfizer cancer drug takes big step toward fateful FDA decision

After wrapping up an orphan drug designation and fast track status late last year, Pfizer can now add a priority review stamp to its list of accomplishments for crizotinib, its late-stage lung cancer

Pfizer's R&D restructuring puts two drug prospects in spotlight

Few R&D stories have captured the attention of the biopharma world like Pfizer's ($PFE) controversial decision to take an axe to its pipeline budget--a decision that was widely applauded on Wall