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Latest Headlines

ConforMIS plots new moves after pumping up venture round to $168M

Orthopedic implant maker ConforMIS disclosed that it has expanded--and come close to doubling--its Series E financing to a whopping $167.7 million.

Top 10 VC Device deals of H1 2012

  These are dubious times for medical device companies seeking venture investment.  

Orthopedic implant maker ConforMIS blessed with $73M in new funding

ConforMIS successfully raised $73 million through the sale of stock and convertible securities on Wednesday. The fundraising, noted in a new regulatory filing, is a bit of a coup, in fact, surpassing an initially-announced plan to pull in $68 million through the action.

ConforMIS, an orthopedics implant maker, to raise $68M

ConforMIS, which makes orthopedics implants, plans to raise $68 million in an equity and securities funding round, according to a recent regulatory filing.

ConforMis nails $89M for iTotal knee manufacturing + launch

ConforMIS will use $89 million in newly raised investor financing to fuel the commercial launch and manufacturing of its new iTotal total knee replacement system. The Burlington, MA-based company

ConforMIS secures $1.4M loan from tech fund

ConforMIS has secured a $1.4 million loan from MassDevelopment's Emerging Technology Fund. The loan will go toward growing the Burlington, MA-based company's supply chain and manufacturing capacity

ConforMIS announces first procedures using iTotal CR knee system

ConforMIS said today that the first surgeries involving the iTotal CR knee resurfacing system were successfully completed in hospitals around the U.S. And, according to a company release, the