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Latest Headlines

FDA approves first standalone 3-D mammography system for Siemens

The use of 3-D mammography to complement a standard 2-D approach in breast cancer screening is becoming more standard. But all previous FDA approvals of mammography systems have included a combination of both 3-D and 2-D approaches. Now, Siemens has nabbed the first FDA approval for a 3-D digital breast tomosynthesis system.

JAMA: Adding 3-D mammography decreases patient recalls, increases cancer detection

New data indicates that 3-D mammography (or tomosynthesis), when added to standard digital mammography, can result in fewer patients being recalled for follow-up and more accurate cancer diagnosis.

American Cancer Society, Samsung launch breast cancer pilot to integrate care, info and support

The American Cancer Society has partnered with Samsung and software startup Breezie to conduct a pilot program to offer breast cancer patients a single point of contact across their medical team, family and caregivers as well as to offer access to customized treatment and clinical trial information and an online support group.

Saudi researchers show linking drugs to nanotubes helps them battle breast cancer

Saudi Arabian researchers are deploying single-walled carbon nanotubes as drug delivery agents in the fight against breast cancer.

CRUK scientists ID a key player behind the spread of breast cancer cells

The interaction between breast cancer cells and a receptor protein called EPHA2 helps explain how the cancer spreads through the body, according to a prominent group of investigators looking for new ways to fight cancer.

Pfizer keeps pushing on early hit Ibrance as Novartis, Lilly rivals near market

Pfizer's Ibrance has been steamrolling since it nabbed an early FDA go-ahead last February. And even with competition coming up the pipeline from the company's Big Pharma rivals, Pfizer intends to keep it that way.

Investigators at The Hutch draw up a new battle plan for metastasis

Research coming from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute concludes that the deadly spreading of cancer occurs in clusters rather than single cancer cells.

Opto-acoustic breast cancer screener startup touts positive pilot data ahead of U.S. pivotal results

Seno Medical hopes that its opto-acoustic breast cancer screener will be used to make it easier for physicians to identify benign masses than traditional ultrasound methods alone. In practice, this could help limit the need for biopsy to determine cancerous masses.

Israeli startup nabs $22M to back 3-D image sensor that transcends visual barriers

Backers of Israeli startup Vayyar Imaging do not have modest ambitions. They expect that the company's technology could revolutionize cancer detection and easily enable remote vital sign tracking--all that based on the company's 3-D imaging sensor technology that's touted as "making it possible to see through objects."

Startup reveals positive study results for breast cancer laser ablation device

Novian Health is trumpeting promising results from a study of its innovative laser ablation treatment for breast cancer, putting wind in the company's sails as it eyes FDA approval for its device.