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Latest Headlines

JAMA: Computer-aided detection does not help spot breast cancer

As medical experts question the efficacy of mammograms in breast cancer screening, a new study shows that computer-aided detection technology used during the process does not help spot cancer in patients.

Delphinus raises $39M+ to back pivotal trial of more effective dense breast tissue ultrasound imaging

Startup Delphinus Medical Technologies has raised $39.5 million to support a pivotal trial of its ultrasound breast cancer system, SoftVue. The system enables the imaging of the entire breast including the chest wall and is expected to be more effective at identifying tumors in dense breasts--without creating a high false positive rate.

Study: Cancer-cell mopping implant could stop disease in its tracks

Researchers have long searched for ways to track cancer cells as they proliferate and stop them from spreading. Now, scientists in the U.S. are developing a spongelike device that can mop up cancer cells as they move through the body, potentially offering an early warning sign to doctors.

Intraoperative radiation therapy proving divisive among oncologists

The oncology community is divided over intraoperative radiation therapy, which as its name suggests is given at the same time as lumpectomy to breast cancer patients.

WSJ: Debate roils over new radiation technique for breast cancer

As med tech companies roll out innovative radiation devices to treat breast cancer, medical experts are debating the pros and cons of a new technique that could be less expensive and more convenient than traditional therapy for the disease.  

Team outlines potential target for aggressive breast cancer vaccine

Scientists at Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham have identified a possible target for triple negative breast cancers, offering vaccine makers a potential path forward against the cancer and patients hope where other treatments have failed. 

BU researchers identify a new, more precise target for breast cancer

A new biomarker for lethal cases of basal-like breast cancer (BLBC) could provide a new and more precise target for cancer drug developers. Researchers at Boston University say they found that a molecule named IL13RA2 (IL13R alpha2) is found clustered on the surface of BLBC cells among late-stage and metastatic cases, when the disease is almost impossible to slow down.

JAMA: Mammography does not reduce breast cancer deaths, could result in overdiagnosis

As physicians turn to mammography as a more reliable way to diagnose breast cancer, a new study shows that the screening method does not reduce the number of deaths from the disease and could lead to overdiagnosis, suggesting a few kinks in the system.

Preclinical trials show ALK1 inhibitor dalantercept may prevent metastasis

Dalantercept (ACE-041) is owned by Acceleron and is currently in early clinical trials for liver and kidney carcinomas. More recently, though, researchers at Lund University demonstrated that it could block the activin receptor-like 1 (ALK1) pathway, suggesting it may also slow metastasis in aggressive breast cancer.

Scientists leverage cell stress to defeat cancer drug resistance

Scientists from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center report that the best way to prevent breast cancer from growing resistant to therapies may be to genetically strip cancer cells' natural defenses against intrinsic stress.