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Latest Headlines

Stroke-fighting Watchman, SpyGlass endoscope fuel strong Q2 for Boston Sci

Boston Scientific representatives provided updates on their recent product launches during the company's Q2 2015 earnings call. New Boston Scientific devices on the market include the latest generation of its S-ICD subcutaneous implantable defibrillator, SpyGlass DS endoscope, NOVI spinal cord stimulation system and the Watchman to prevent stroke.

UPDATED: Boston Scientific faces reimbursement hurdles for lung-searing asthma treatment

Boston Scientific had high hopes for its electrode-tipped catheter treatment for asthma after snatching up the system in 2010 through its $193.5 million purchase of Asthmatx. But the company is hitting a wall with the product as insurers question the treatment's cost-effectiveness and safety.

Boston Scientific heads to the clinic with its first bioabsorbable, drug-eluting coronary scaffold

Boston Scientific has started a study of its first resorbable, drug-eluting scaffold system to treat atherosclerotic coronary lesions. It incorporates aspects of the company's Synergy System, which has a resorbable polymer and everolimus drug-coating, that the device maker expects will be approved by the FDA during the fourth quarter.

Watchman study author says it's better than warfarin at preventing hemorrhagic stroke

A meta-analysis of the data surrounding Boston Scientific's recently approved stroke-preventing Watchman device concluded that it reduces risk of death from hemorrhagic stroke, cardiovascular death, and major non–procedural-related bleeding compared to patients on long-term use of the blood thinner warfarin.

Boston Scientific touts improved spinal cord stimulator at neuromodulation conference

Boston Scientific promoted new information that its latest spinal cord stimulator is twice as effective as its predecessor at lower back pain relief at the International Neuromodulation Society 12th World Congress in Montreal.

Boston Scientific slapped with $100M verdict in vaginal mesh suit

Boston Scientific was ordered to fork over $100 million to a woman who alleged the company's vaginal mesh products caused her undue pain and suffering, a stinging blow for the device giant as it moves to settle claims with patients.

European researchers developing implantable, insulin-controlling capsule to fight diabetes

Irish researchers have developed a gel containing clusters of pancreatic cells that they say can control glucose levels for up to 5 years when administered via a minimally invasive injection procedure being developed by medical device bigwig Boston Scientific.

Boston Scientific VP explains its plans to enter the leadless pacing market

Boston Scientific revealed more details about its leadless pacemaker program, as it seeks to join Medtronic and St. Jude Medical in that market (which does not yet exist in the U.S., where the devices are still being investigated).

Researchers from Boston Sci helping develop alternative to pancreas transplant

Irish researchers are developing an alternative to pancreas transplants as the race to treat diabetes heats up. They are developing a substance containing pancreatic cells embedded in a gel.

Boston Sci to challenge Nevro's spinal cord modulation patent

Nevro revealed that Boston Scientific is challenging its patent for "selective high frequency spinal cord modulation for inhibiting pain with reduced side effects, and associated systems and methods," and promised to vigorously defend its intellectual property in the matter.