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Latest Headlines

Boston Scientific announces $200M option to purchase Israeli transcatheter mitral valve player

Boston Scientific announced that it has obtained an exclusive $200 million option to acquire Israel's MValve Technologies, maker of a transcatheter mitral valve replacement system for mitral regurgitation. Boston Scientific also said it is providing additional financing to the company in anticipation of a first in-human clinical trial.

Boston Scientific tests the waters with a remote patient monitoring innovation challenge

Remote patient monitoring isn't a core business for Boston Scientific, but it is looking to gain access to the most cutting-edge tech in the field. It's launched the Boston Scientific Connected Patient Challenge: an open innovation challenge to solicit ideas and collaborations for remote patient monitoring.

Baxter, Boston Sci back TVA in $15M round to ease hemodialysis vascular access

The typical approach to achieving consistent and high-quality vascular access for chronic kidney disease patients in need of dialysis is to surgically construct an arteriovenous (AV) fistula, creating a direct connection between an artery and a vein in the arm. Startup TVA Medical has a minimally invasive, catheter-based that can achieve the same goal--only without surgery.

Boston Scientific gets the first (partially) bioabsorbable stent to FDA approval

The FDA just approved its first third-generation bioabsorbable stent, to the delight of Boston Scientific.

Boston Scientific wins $200M stent patent infringement case against doctor

Boston Scientific won a patent infringement case against a Dr. G. David Jang, who alleged that the device bigwig's Express Stent violated claims of a patent assigned to him by the company. The peripheral stents have earned billions since the lawsuit was filed in 2005.

Boston Scientific launches endoscopic surgical tool, as it backs The Innovation Lab

Boston Scientific is launching an upper GI endoscopic surgical tool just as it has committed to become a founding sponsor of California healthcare incubator The Innovation Lab. The device is the Captivator for endoscopic mucosal resection, a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical procedure that removes part of the esophagus in upper gastrointestinal tract cases. The tool enables the staging and removal of precancerous tissue or early esophageal cancer.

Boston Scientific's drug-eluting peripheral stent performs well in CE mark trial

Boston Scientific announced that its drug-eluting peripheral stent achieved the highest 12-month primary patency rate among other investigational devices to treat blocked arteries in the leg, a sign of peripheral artery disease.

FDA's regulatory decisions can be a headscratcher, as evidenced by these implants to fight stroke

Boston Scientific's stroke-fighting left atrial appendage closure device, the Watchman, suffered from an FDA rejection and other regulatory delays. It was approved this year, 10 years after achieving the milestone in Europe.

Boston Sci earns FDA approval of Innova stent to treat peripheral artery disease

Boston Scientific announced FDA approval of its  Innova  Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System for treating peripheral artery disease. The device was approved via the agency's stringent  PMA  pathway for high-risk, innovative devices.

Boston Scientific expands industry footprint with cardiac Dx deal

Medical device titan Boston Scientific is jumping into heart diagnostics, announcing that it will become a "significant shareholder" in cardiology-related diagnostic and monitoring tech company Preventice Solutions.