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Latest Headlines

Molecular Dx company Singulex nabs $50M deal with Grifols for safer blood products

Molecular diagnostics company Singulex has gained a $50 million investment from Grifols in exchange for a 20% stake. The deal provides an exclusive worldwide license of Singulex technology to the Spanish company for use and sale in the screening of donor blood and plasma. The investment gives the company an implied value of $250 million, which is substantial for a diagnostics startup.

Precision for Medicine broadens cancer trial offering with ACT Oncology buy

Precision for Medicine has signed a deal to acquire ACT Oncology--a leading CRO in the field of cancer studies--as together the new company looks to become a leading light in the personalized cancer clinical trial space.  

Abbott to launch 1,000+ patient trial to standardize traumatic brain injury testing

Abbott will launch a major study of several brain injury evaluation approaches along with researchers at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN, and the University of Minnesota. The goal is to evaluate a number of different tools including eye tracking, blood-based biomarkers, imaging and cognitive measures to develop a standard protocol for identifying brain injuries--including concussions.

Philips partners with San Diego startup to develop hand-held concussion blood test

Royal Philips has struck a deal with Banyan Biomarkers to develop and sell a new hand-held blood test that can be used to detect mild traumatic brain injury, more commonly known as concussion, at the point of care.

Cornell researchers developing drop-of-blood test to detect stroke

Researchers at Cornell University are developing a method to detect stroke in less than 10 minutes using only a drop of blood.

AstraZeneca's Definiens rolls out biomarker data service

Definiens introduced a suite of services to help companies gather data from tissue samples and use the resource to identify potential companion diagnostics.

Bioinformatics leads UCSD team to ovarian cancer biomarkers

A team at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), has found biomarkers for ovarian tumors by mining two National Institutes of Health-sponsored databases. The bioinformatics-enabled research program has raised expectations that earlier diagnoses of ovarian cancer can be made, an advance that could improve outcomes in a tough therapeutic indication.

Cold Spring Harbor scientists find a biomarker for p53 cancer mutations

Investigators at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory say they've identified a biomarker that can quickly highlight a potentially deadly mutation in p53, a natural tumor suppressor.

Study highlights potential biomarker for early Alzheimer's

A new study presented at the Radiological Society of North America highlighted changes in brain connections that could be spotted in an MRI and may offer an imaging biomarker for early Alzheimer's.

Virginia Tech finds possible biomarker for rare immunodeficiency condition

Virginia Tech researchers believe they've found a possible biomarker to help detect a rare genetic disease known as severe combined immunodeficiency, or SCID, which leaves patients needing to avoid all human contact and breathe filtered air in order to survive.