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Trump's Twitter tirade blames vaccines for autism increase

Donald Trump has once again pushed a debunked link between vaccines and autism, this time weighing in after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report indicating that the number of children in America with the disorder has jumped from 1 in 88 two years ago to 1 in 68.

Antianxiety drugs lessen autism symptoms in mice

Low doses of a well-known class of drugs currently used in much higher doses to treat anxiety and epileptic seizures may be able to treat symptoms of autism, according to new research.

Survey: 1 in 5 Americans think doctors know vaccines cause autism

Andrew Wakefield was struck off the U.K. medical register and The Lancet retracted his paper that linked the MMR vaccine to autism, but the latest survey data suggests one in 5 Americans believe doctors know vaccines cause autism.

SynapDx and the Broad Institute link to use next-gen sequencing for better autism tests

Startup SynapDx will team with the famed Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT to advance next-generation DNA sequencing for more accurate and clinically useful autism diagnostic tools.

Survey: Anti-vaccine views have little correlation with politics

Blogs and social media chatter often paint liberals, particularly Whole Foods-shopping, "earth mother" types, as the lead proponents of the anti-vaccine movement. Yet this view has been contradicted by surveys in the past, and was once again revealed to be flawed by data published this week.

Autism clues: UC Davis team spots two new potential biomarkers of the condition

A research team with the UC Davis MIND Institute believes an excess of cerebrospinal fluid and enlarged brain size in infancy could be two biomarkers for autism.

UPDATED: Cash-strapped biotech fails PhIII test for pioneering Fragile X drug

Seaside Therapeutics has revealed its second failed study for its lead drug STX209 this month. In one of two Phase III studies for the compound for the genetic mental disorder Fragile X syndrome, STX209 treatment missed its main goal of reducing social withdrawal. 

Seaside Therapeutics fails to achieve main goal in major autism trial

Seaside Therapeutics missed the main target of a midstage trial of its lead drug STX209 in patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), yet benefits of treatment observed in the Phase IIb study have driven the company to plan another major clinical trial in patients with the intellectual disorder.

Autistic behavior has genetic basis in mice

A new mouse model of autism adds to growing evidence that genetics is a strong factor, if not the strongest, driving the neural development disorder.

Autism argument again undermined by vaccine data

A lot of the current vitriol aimed at vaccines can be traced back to reports ofautism links in the 1990s. The association has remained lodged in the minds of many even as research has discredited the original paper, and consistently found no link between vaccines and autism.