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Latest Headlines

Allergan scoops up some CNS drugs as its $160B Pfizer merger pends

Allergan, seeking to burnish its reputation in R&D, bought into some early-stage treatments for autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder as it prepares to join forces with Pfizer in a massive merger.

Illumina to make 5,000-genome autism database available through BaseSpace

Illumina is to make a 5,000-genome autism database available through BaseSpace. The deal will enable researchers to analyze the genomes of people with autism and their families using tools built into Illumina's cloud computing platform.

JAMA: Two genetic tests, not one, could work better at diagnosing autism

As researchers look for innovative ways to diagnose children with autism, scientists are revealing new evidence showing the efficacy of using two genetic tests together to screen for the disorder.

NIH provides $28M to study autism biomarkers via its Biomarkers Consortium

The National Institutes of Health is providing $28 million over the next four years to fund research into autism biomarkers, such as eye tracking, automated recordings of behavior and speech, and measures of brain activity via electroencephalogram under its public-private Biomarkers Consortium.

Startup Akili partners with nonprofit Autism Speaks to test video game

Akili Interactive Labs has partnered with the nonprofit Autism Speaks to conduct a clinical trial of its cognitive assessment and personalized treatment video game.

Genetic error highlights a new approach to Fragile X syndrome

Investigators say that a single mutation in the gene linked to Fragile X--which is the largest single-gene cause of autism--can be tied to specific symptoms of the disease, suggesting that a new approach to treating the disease could work where others have failed.

Veterans say experimental, 'brain zapping' magnetic resonance therapy can treat PTSD

Veterans interviewed by the Washington Post hail experimental magnetic resonance therapy as a possible treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Families of autistic children made similar claims.

Autism diagnosis could become clearer with sound/sight response screening

Researchers have come up with a diagnostic approach that they say could improve how autism is both identified and classified. The new technique, developed by a team at the Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine, joins a number of efforts with a goal of finding better ways to spot and treat the condition.

Roche abandons another Fragile X R&D program after PhII trials flunk out

A long, rough patch in Fragile X syndrome drug R&D just got longer and rougher. Roche has notified patient groups that both of its mid-stage studies for RG7090--an mGluR5 therapy--failed to hit the primary and secondary goals, prompting the pharma giant to shut down the program.

Asuragen gains New York's OK to launch autism and thyroid tests

Asuragen gained approval to start offering two of its key molecular diagnostic tests in New York state, milestones that will help boost the standard of care and give the Texas company another opportunity to grow its market reach.