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Latest Headlines

Alere improves Q4 numbers through revenue growth and cost cuts

Alere's 2013 fourth quarter reflected a healthy boost in revenue and a drastic reduction in net losses over a year ago. The gains came, in part, from organic growth and cutting costs in areas including research and development and administration.

Alere's new HIV test could gain momentum from Affordable Care Act

If timing is everything, then Alere stands to gain plenty, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The new law mandates reimbursement for HIV testing from both public and private insurers, and Alere recently rolled out a new, first-of-its-kind combo HIV diagnostic in the U.S.

Alere wins FDA nod for HIV test, struggles on the Street

Alere is trying to get back to business as usual now that it has shaken off a proxy challenge, winning the FDA's blessing for a combo HIV diagnostic as it works to convince investors it has a plan for the future.

Alere declares victory in proxy challenge

After months of backbiting and accusations, Alere has come out the other end of a proxy fight, getting all four of its board nominees elected and fending off an activist investor that wanted the company to pare down.

Alere's losses triple as investor fight awaits

An activist shareholder is angling for seats on Alere's board, claiming the company's decisions have time and again marred profits. Now, after more than tripling its year-over-year losses last quarter, the company may have a harder time convincing investors to elect its nominees at a meeting next week.

Alere's proxy fight gets personal in latest round

Alere is fighting to fend off a major investor seeking seats on its board with eyes on splitting up the company, and, in its latest gambit to win over shareholders, the diagnostics outfit is questioning the aptitude of its opponent's co-founder.

Alere heads toward proxy fight as activist investor ups ante

Alere is facing pressure from an activist investor to sell off some of its business and focus on diagnostics, and now, in round two of a squabble between the two, Coppersmith Capital Management is telling shareholders they could more than double their value by following its plan.

Activist investor wants Alere to pare down, focus on Dx

Alere's fifth-largest stockholder is pressuring the company to sell off some of its units and focus on its profitable diagnostics business, taking issue with the Alere's board nominations and reluctance to change.

Alere snags up to $42.2M from Gates Foundation for TB Dx

Diagnostics magnate Alere has hooked up with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a tuberculosis assay and support its point-of-care HIV test.

Website reveals device makers that dodge excise tax costs

Allergan, Cerner, Waters, Alere, Invacare, Integra Lifescience and Misonex are just a few of the medical device companies passing on the cost of the industry's 2.3% excise tax onto their hospital customers, and a major hospital purchasing group wants you to know about it.