Sorin Group acquires Belgian neurostim device maker


Sorin Group, an Italian maker of cardiovascular medical devices, is the proud new owner of Neurotech SA, a Belgian developer of neurostimulation devices. The purchase will help Sorin speed development of neuromodulation devices to treat heart failure.

Neither side disclosed financial terms of the deal. In particular, Sorin wanted Neurotech's implantable medical device technology designed to stimulate the vagus nerve, a potential treatment for heart failure that appeared to positively affect cardiovascular function in some early studies.

Neurotech, launched in 1994, highlights vagus nerve neuromodulation on its website with a focus on more traditional areas, such as epilepsy treatment. But the company is also experimental. One Neurotech project under way: Development of an implantable electrode that would release drugs into the system with a neurostimulation treatment, according to the company's website.

Medical device companies are developing neuromodulation/neurostimulation devices to treat a variety of ailments, including migraines, sleep apnea, pain, depression and Parkinson's disease.

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