Cool devices and diagnostics: Advances in the field

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Boston Scientific, S-ICD

Image courtesy of Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific ($BSX)
Maker of: S-ICD, an implantable cardioverter defibrillator that uses no wires
Cool factor: This device truly brings something new to ICDs. It is the first device of its kind approved in the U.S. and is the only ICD that does its job without using electrical wires in the heart. Implanted just under the skin, it behaves like an external defibrillator when it detects cardiac arrest with an electrode that shocks the heart just like external defibrillator panels. Boston Scientific didn't create the technology but the company was smart enough to buy its creator, Cameron Health, for $150 million in a deal that closed in June. Some members of an FDA panel of experts that in April recommended the product's approval called the technology "elegant and simple" and a "breakthrough." Its inventive design also avoids the risk of complication that ICD leads in the heart and blood vessels can cause.