Stroke Biomarker License to Randox


Stroke Biomarker License to Randox

5th April 2012 - London. Proteome Sciences plc, a global leader in protein biomarkers has today granted a non-exclusive license to Randox Laboratories ("Randox") of Crumlin, UK for its portfolio of stroke biomarkers.

Proteome Sciences has established an extensive portfolio of patented plasma biomarkers of stroke and other brain damage-related disorders discovered in partnership with the Biomedical Proteomics Research Group at the University of Geneva. These markers are rapidly elevated in blood of patients undergoing both haemorrhagic and ischaemic strokes and offer the potential to identify those patients that would most benefit from thrombolytic treatment within the first 3 hours after onset of symptoms. The research with BPRG has shown that a panel of 5 blood proteins is able to accurately rule out 90% [9 out of 10] of patients that have not had a stroke but who may currently be misdiagnosed in primary care and allows 90% [9 out of 10] of genuine strokes to be confirmed within
minutes of the onset of symptoms. Together, these results have the potential to transform the management of acute stroke and ensure more patients receive thrombolytic therapy. These provide a highly effective way to minimise long-term disability in ischaemic stroke, reduce the cost of care and considerably improve the quality of life for stroke patients and their families.

Under the terms of the Agreement Randox will develop products for early diagnosis of stroke and subsequent monitoring of treatment outcomes. Financial terms provide Proteome Sciences with seven digit (US dollar) license and development milestones together with double digit royalties on sales. The clinical discovery and validation of the stroke biomarkers was led by Prof Jean-Charles Sanchez, Director of the University of Geneva Biomedical Proteomics Research Group who commented "The discovery and validation of a panel of early stroke biomarkers in blood opens the way for rapid detection and selection of treatment that will have profound benefits for patients, their families and carers. We have recently studied the potential impact of using just one of these markers, GST-Pi, and found it could increase the number of treated stroke patients five-fold."

Dr. Ian Pike, Chief Operating Officer of Proteome Sciences said "We are pleased to be partnering our advanced stroke biomarkers with Randox who are rapidly developing a strong presence in the CNS area. Their track record of new product introductions has been impressive and we see their testing platforms as an ideal setting for rapid stroke diagnosis." Dr. Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director at Randox commented "the addition of the Proteome Sciences stroke biomarkers will add significantly to the range of diagnostic products we offer in the cardiovascular disease field. Our ability to deliver these novel biomarkers to healthcare providers
using our Biochip Array systems will enable stratification of patients for appropriate treatment and
contribute to a reduction in healthcare costs. The stroke biomarkers will be offered to hospital laboratories through our global distribution network in 130 countries

Christopher Pearce, Chief Executive of Proteome Sciences said "The stroke biomarkers licensed to Randox have the ability to transform the way stroke is managed and ensure that considerably more patients receive treatment early. This will reduce the levels of disability, lower the cost of care and improve patient outcomes. We are delighted that the importance of our proprietary biomarkers is being properly recognised in diagnostics and drug development. Whilst licensing to companies like Randox remains a key component of our business, we also provide direct testing services through our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and rapidly increased the number of biomarkers where we had assay coverage to around 50 by the end of 2011 and this number will double in 2012 with revenue reflected through PS Biomarker Services™."

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About Proteome Sciences
Proteome Sciences is a global leader in applied proteomics and peptidomics offering high sensitivity,
proprietary technologies for protein and peptide biomarker discovery, validation and assay
Its PS Biomarker Services™ uses isobaric and isotopic Tandem Mass Tag® (TMT®) workflows
developed on the latest Orbitrap Velos and TSQ Vantage mass spectrometers to deliver rapid, robust
and reproducible biomarker assay development for customers in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and
biotechnology sectors. Services are provided from its ISO 9001: 2008 accredited facilities in
Frankfurt, Germany. By combining Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) and TMT workflows highly
multiplexed assays can be developed rapidly and are suitable for screening hundreds of candidate
biomarkers in larger validation studies and can be transferred for immunoassay development. The
Company's own research has discovered a large number of novel protein biomarkers in key human
diseases and is focused mainly in neurological/neurodegenerative conditions and in cancer. It has
discovered and patented blood biomarkers, including Alzheimer's disease, stroke, brain damage and
lung cancer for diagnostic and treatment applications that are available for license or are already
outlicensed. Proteome Sciences, based in Cobham, UK, with facilities in London and Frankfurt,
delivers outsourced proteomics services and proprietary biomarkers/biomarker assays to
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics companies.

About Randox Laboratories
Randox Laboratories (Randox) is a market leader within the in vitro diagnostics industry and has 30
years' experience in developing and manufacturing high quality products for laboratories worldwide.
Our extensive product portfolio offers complete solutions within the fields of clinical chemistry,
forensic toxicology, veterinary, drug residues, life sciences, oncology, molecular diagnostics and
internal and external quality control.
Our innovative approach to diagnostics has enabled the development of a wide range of products
including our bench-top clinical chemistry analyzers, the RX series. The advanced functionality of
each analyzer ensures outstanding flexibility, optimum reliability coupled with a comprehensive test
panel and cost saving features. The comprehensive range of RX analyzers offers high quality testing
to all sizes of laboratories.
Randox has also developed a full range of immunoassay analyzers. They include the Evidence,
Evidence Investigator, Evidence MultiStat and Evidence Evolution. Each system incorporates
revolutionary Biochip Array Technology that allows simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from
a single patient sample. The multiplex analyzers offer rapid testing, advanced consolidation and high
quality results. The extensive biochip test menu includes both protein and DNA biochips, offering a
range of over 215 different biomarkers.
Our goal is to 'revolutionize healthcare through continuously improving diagnostic solutions'. We
continue to achieve this year after year due to our commitment and significant re-investment in
Research and Development. Our large support network of staff allows us to develop and perfect
revolutionary products, specifically designed to provide more efficient, higher quality and reliable
results, ensuring patients receive the right diagnosis at the right time.