Devices, diagnostics dominate Cleveland Clinic list of top medical innovations

Devices and diagnostics are very well-represented in the Cleveland Clinic's list of the 10 medical innovations that will prove impactful in 2016, lifting the spirits of members of the device world.

Deep learning radiology startup Enlitic wins Aussie partner, $10M Series B

San Francisco-based Enlitic is working to apply the advances in deep learning in recent years to medical imaging. Now it's recruited the fastest-growing Australian radiology services provider, Capitol Health, to aid it in that quest with a partnership and by taking the lead on a $10 million Series B financing.

China PE firm makes takeover bid for Singapore's Biosensors

Singaporean device player Biosensors International just informed investors that China's state-owned Citic Group has made a takeover bid. Biosensors is currently reviewing the offer and said "there is no certainty or assurance that these discussions will result in any transaction."

NEA backs cancer genome Dx startup Personal Genome in $21M+ Series A

Another startup is emphatically advancing into the fray to elicit and apply genomic data as a guide for cancer diagnoses and treatment. Personal Genome Diagnostics has raised a $21.4 million Series A round to expand its commercial genomic oncology testing service.

Nipro Diagnostics sells out to China's Sinocare for $273M

Diabetes testing company Nipro Diagnostics is selling out to China's Sinocare for $273 million, cashing in on a rapidly growing Chinese diagnostics market while charting plans for international expansion.

Cleveland Clinic, Candescent Health partner to create cloud-based radiology network

The Cleveland Clinic has partnered with startup Candescent Health in a multiyear deal for the creation of a U.S. cloud-based radiology network based on consistent standards and workflow processes. The partnership is the latest example of the ongoing assessment of how to best access and use radiology resources given the ever-expanding potential for sharing diagnostic images and integrating software analyses.

UPDATED: Medtronic touts studies of its devices to monitor patients following sedation

Medtronic touted two studies demonstrating the benefits of its capnography patient monitoring offerings at the Anesthesiology annual meeting in San Diego.

J&J's Ethicon partners with Fogarty Institute to back next-gen device innovation

Nonprofit incubator Fogarty Institute for Innovation is partnering with Johnson & Johnson's surgical device specialist Ethicon to develop next generation medical devices. Ethicon will sponsor the Institute to support its educational programs as well as offer leadership and mentorship to its resident med tech innovators.

Theranos feels FDA's wrath over proprietary testing device

Last week, Theranos came under fire after a new report showed that the company stopped collecting tiny vials of blood for all but one of its more than 200 tests after the FDA paid it a surprise visit over the summer. Now the company is dealing with the fallout as the agency posted two Form 483s from its inspection, citing Theranos for violations related to its testing devices.

FDA says industry responded positively to pilot inspection program

The FDA just released a report describing the results of the Case for Quality Inspection Pilot program. It focused on implantable devices that contain batteries.

Edwards gains on strong Sapien 3 TAVR sales

Edwards Lifesciences' stock rose 7% on news of continued strong sales of its flagship Sapien 3 TAVR during its Q3 earnings call.

Langer's Taris relaunches to develop urologic drug-device combo with $32M

Taris Biomedical is pivoting to develop a drug-device combination to treat bladder cancer and overactive bladder. It's being backed by a stellar lineup of VCs, with lead investor Flagship Ventures as well as participation by existing investor Polaris Venture Partners and new investor RA Capital Management.

Ear infection and patient monitoring devices win pediatric competition

Makers of a pediatric ear tube and device for monitoring endotracheal tube positioning each received $50,000 from the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, the latest move in the battle to tackle the shortfall in pediatric devices.

New Alphabet hire Insel gears up for med tech mental health innovation

Alphabet's notable hire of late, Dr. Thomas Insel, is gearing up to start work next week at the Google Life Sciences group, and Insel is bringing big plans for med tech mental health innovation to the table.

Endologix off more than 25% on planned $211M merger with TriVascular

A proposed merger of Endologix and TriVascular Technologies is designed to create an abdominal aortic aneurysm powerhouse. But Wall Street wasn't convinced, causing Endologix shares to plunge by more than 25% in early trading.

NEA, Cleveland Clinic, Greatbatch back $20M Series A for neuromodulation heart failure startup

Minneapolis-based Cardionomic spun out of the Cleveland Clinic and into NEA's Denali II incubator. Now, it's graduated to a $20 million round backed by those two, as well as strategic investor Greatbatch--which is in the process of spinning out its own neurostimulation business.

Stanford scientists reveal artificial skin device for prosthetics

Scientists at Stanford University are developing a synthetic skin that can detect pressure and send signals to living brain cells, a big step forward in the field and a potential boon for the creation of wearable electronics and implantable devices.

China declares the creation of the first blood vessel 3-D bioprinter

News from an official Chinese government outlet stated that a biotech company has created the first 3-D blood vessel bioprinter that could one day enable the creation of personalized, functional organs.

Carnegie Mellon researchers advance toward inexpensive 3-D printed organs

Reseachers at Carnegie Mellon have hacked a sub-$3K consumer 3-D printer to create biological-material models of embryonic hearts, arteries, bones and even human brain tissue. The hope is that this work could lead to tissue creation that is adequate to repair soft tissue in the human body. The work is being done using open-source software, enabling other researchers to more easily replicate it.

Ariosa founders get $8.2M Series A to develop organ transplant monitoring Dx

Milwaukee, WI-based startup Tai Diagnostics has raised a Series A round of $8.2 million to back its development of a blood-based test to track the health of organ transplants in patients. The new company's founders include a pair of co-founders of Ariosa Diagnostics, a prenatal diagnostics company that sold last year to Roche for up to $625 million including $400 million in cash up front.