Researchers develop real-time, 'nanojuice'-enabled imaging method for gut

Conventional imaging methods don't work so well in the gut, the site of irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease and Crohn's disease among others. Researchers at the University of Buffalo say they have solved the problem, albeit in animal studies.

Ulthera device clears FDA for décolleté on heels of Merz acquisition plans

Merz already committed to buying Ulthera for up to $600 million in cash and milestones. Now it will get another FDA-cleared indication as part of the bargain. The company's system has cleared the FDA to improve the lines and wrinkles of the décolleté.

Surgeons tout benefits of Google Glass in operating room

As wearable devices pick up speed as viable surgical tools, physicians are touting the benefits of Google Glass technology for use in operating room procedures.

FDA lowers regulatory bar for neurostimulators to treat headache

Soon, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to treat headache will only require a 510(k), the FDA said in a July 3 final order published in the Federal Register.

Boston Scientific backs Israeli cardio device startup Mvalve with $15M

Israeli cardiovascular device startup Mvalve Technologies has received a $15 million convertible loan from BSC International Holdings, a subsidiary of Boston Scientific. In addition, BSC received an option to acquire Mvalve for $200 million, according to the Israeli business publication Globes.

Covidien picks integration chief for Medtronic merger

As Covidien strides into a merger with Medtronic, the company last week announced the appointment of Bill Burke as CFO for Covidien Europe.

FDA unveils HeartWare warning letter for company's ventricular assist device

The FDA slapped HeartWare International with a formal warning letter one month after citing the company for safety issues related to its HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device system.

Senators call on White House to release FDA guidance on lab-developed tests

Five senate Democrats called for the White House Office of Management and Budget to release a long-sequestered FDA draft guidance on laboratory developed tests for public comment. In a letter to OMB acting director Brian Deese, they urged him to release the proposed regulation "to ensure appropriate and efficient oversight of diagnostic tools can move forward in an open and transparent manner."

Study: Insulin pumps control glucose better than daily shots for Type 2 diabetics

Insulin pumps do a better job of helping control glucose levels in people with Type 2 diabetes than multiple daily injections, according to results from a new study funded by medical device maker Medtronic.

FDA clears first vital sign sensor for chairs

An early step for any hospital patient on the mend is often walking from bed to chair. Physicians have long recognized that walking and sitting upright aids in the healing process but this can be complicated given the various leads and attachments necessary for patient monitoring. Now the FDA has cleared the first sensor to monitor heart rate, respiratory and movement monitors in a chair.

Patent office nomination for J&J top IP lawyer would send anti-reform message

The potential nomination of Johnson & Johnson chief intellectual property counsel Philip Johnson as director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office suggests efforts to reform the patent system are dying, especially changes to rein in so called patent trolls.

Device to prevent stray laparoscopic surgical burns clears FDA

Encision won FDA 510(k) clearance for its next-generation active electrode monitoring (AEM) technology for monopolar laparoscopy procedures.

Data analysis: top reasons FDA issued 2013 medical device warning letters

The FDA buckled down on medical device manufacturers in fiscal year 2013, issuing 217 warning letters for companies to swiftly correct their violations.

J&J cuts 400 medical device jobs, as Covidien hires more than 100

Hiring ahead of and cutting after mergers is always tricky, but organizational change marches on. Post-merger Johnson & Johnson and pre-merger Covidien are both forging ahead, with cuts in J&J's DePuy Synthes and hiring for Covidien.

Exec talks on Covidien's fit with Medtronic

The president of Covidien's $1.6 billion vascular product group said that the impending merger with Medtronic was necessary from her perspective because being "a vascular player without cardiovascular, I think long term that would have been a real issue.

Ikaria spinoff Bellerophon attracts former Amgen exec

Bellerophon, a spinoff of private-equity backed specialty pharma company Ikaria, has brought in former Amgen heavyweight Jonathan Peacock as chairman and CEO. Peacock said he expects to get three programs into Phase III development within the next 12 to 18 months.

Gold nanoparticles on orthopedic implants prevent infection

Gold nanoparticles help prevent the formation of antibiotic resistant biofilm on the surface of orthopedic implants, researchers at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics discovered.

Rotation Medical gets $27.2M to fund rotator cuff bio-implant launch

Startup Rotation Medical nabbed a $27.2 million Series B round from a group of high-profile VCs including Life Science Partners and New Enterprise Ventures. It will use the money to finance a July launch and post-market clinical studies of its rotator cuff system that FDA cleared in March.

Intuitive Surgical kicks off da Vinci sales in Japan

Intuitive Surgical is kicking off direct sales of its da Vinci Surgical Systems in Japan, continuing its push in emerging markets and hoping to generate positive numbers after a year of sluggish sales.

Researchers use wearable iPad to assess multiple sclerosis symptoms

A strong combo of an Apple iPad and a specially made attachment are working together as a state-of-the-art multiple sclerosis assessment tool.