Abbott's Freestyle Libre reduces hypoglycemia, offers comparable monitoring without finger-sticks: Study

Abbott reported the latest data for its FreeStyle Libre system that doesn't require twice-daily finger sticks for calibration, as CGMs typically do. The 6-month randomized, controlled trial was conducted in Europe; it compared the use of the FreeStyle Libre to traditional finger stick-based blood glucose self-monitoring systems. The study found that Libre users reduced time spent in hypoglycemia by more than one-half and cut serious hypoglycemia by half.

Philips, Texas A&M collaborate on population health project

Philips and Texas A&M University are joining forces on a project focused on developing population health solutions to prevent diabetes, asthma and infectious diseases in South Texas.

Walgreens terminates Theranos deal, closes all 40 AZ Wellness Centers

Walgreens is pulling the plug on its relationship with Theranos, closing all 40 Theranos Wellness Centers at Walgreens stores in Arizona, the company announced Sunday. The change will be effective immediately, though Walgreens will help transition customers over the next several days.

IBM Watson, ADA partner to apply cognitive computing to diabetes clinical and research data

Patient advocacy and research groups are becoming increasingly sophisticated about how they invest in research and wield technology for the benefit of the patients they represent. Now, some are turning to IBM Watson Health to help make sense of their massive data repositories via cognitive computing--as well as to enlist its aid in providing better patient resources.

Gates-funded research could lead to universal, antibody-based Dx

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are in proof-of-concept testing on a diagnostic approach that could lead to the diagnosis of all sorts of diseases without a microbial cause, including autoimmune disorders, cancer and viral infectious disease.

Abbott adds data sharing to smartphone app for Freestyle Libre

Abbott now has a mobile app to collect and share data for its continuous glucose monitor that doesn't require routine finger-stick calibration, FreeStyle Libre. The app was created by AirStrip Technologies--and now partner Diasend also enables patients to view that data alongside information from other compatible devices including insulin pumps, blood glucose meters and activity trackers.

FDA clears Auris Surgical's robotic endoscopy system

Auris Surgical Robotics has been flying under the radar, billing itself only as a "company based in Silicon Valley." Founded by robotic surgery vet Dr. Frederic Moll, the company has won an FDA clearance for its robotic endoscopy system, which can potentially be used as a diagnostic or surgical tool.

GE researchers develop disposable, wireless vital sign monitor patch

The innovation in wireless vital sign monitoring is coming fast and furious. The latest to reveal its approach is GE, which has developed a wrist-worn patch about the size of a Band-Aid that can be used to remotely analyze sweat and check vital signs.

Medtronic victorious in $1.4B tax case over 'transfer pricing'

A federal judge delivered a win for Medtronic in its $1.4 billion lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service over how much of its profits should be taxed federally and how much should face lower taxes in Puerto Rico.

Medtronic's MiniMed insulin pumps now work with Glooko for retrospective diabetic data insights

Startup Glooko is working to make the data from all sorts of diabetes devices--from standard blood glucose monitors to insulin pumps to continuous blood glucose monitors--available for analysis after the fact to encourage better, more informed decisions over time by patients and physicians.

DOE, University of Rochester back novel endoscope for early bladder cancer detection

Adding blue-light imaging to white-light endoscopy can give a more complete picture of the body's internal tissues, but can also be more costly, impractical and time-consuming. Vancouver, Canada-based Imagin is teaming up with the University of Rochester and the U.S. Department of Energy on a device that could eliminate these disadvantages and facilitate the early detection of bladder cancer.

Proposed U.S. bill would require docs to report medical device adverse events to the FDA

The Medical Device Guardians Act would require physicians and physicians' offices to report "adverse events" that occur when a medical device is in use and would also consider those individuals and institutions "protected."

Philips preps for billion-dollar deals in wake of Lighting IPO

CEO Frans van Houten told Bloomberg that Royal Philips is looking to make more acquisitions along the lines of its $1.2 billion buy of catheter-based visualization and treatment player Volcano, as well as smaller deals.

Aussie micro cap AirXpanders raises $15M to prep for anticipated U.S. launch in 1Q17

Australian device company AirXpanders has raised AU$20 million (US$15 million) in a private placement in anticipation of an FDA clearance--and subsequent U.S. launch in the first quarter of 2017--for its novel tissue expansion tech for women undergoing breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

GSK dives deeper into electroceuticals with clinical trials on the horizon

While drug development is still at the forefront for GlaxoSmithKline, the pharma giant has been quietly working on electroceuticals since 2012. It aims to bring a product to market within the next decade.

Goldman's Rubin grills J&J on its efforts toward a medical device biz turnaround

At her firm's recent conference, long-standing breakup advocate Jami Rubin of Goldman Sachs took Johnson & Johnson's EVP and CFO Dominic Caruso to task over his company's ability to effectively improve revenue growth at its medical device and consumer businesses, which are lagging its pharmaceutical performance.

Boston Scientific revamps itself to continue chasing long-term growth

Coming off a successful first quarter in which four of its 7 businesses posted double-digit organic growth, Boston Scientific is now planning a makeover. The Marlborough, MA-based devicemaker announced a global restructuring program on Wednesday to "support long-term growth and innovation."

Early trial shows wearable artificial kidney could be viable alternative to hemodialysis

While hemodialysis has improved since its introduction in the 1960s, there are still some drawbacks, most notably being tethered to a machine for several hours three times a week. The University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle has tested a wearable artificial kidney that could give patients more freedom while dialyzing.

Wireless probes detect cancer cells, suspicious lymph nodes during surgery

The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne has developed wireless probes with the aim of identifying cancer cells and suspicious lymph nodes during surgery.

Researchers create 'sponge' to soak up chemotherapy drugs before widespread circulation

At the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, researchers are developing and testing a new device to soak up chemotherapy drugs before they can circulate widely throughout the body.