Glooko merges tech data to avoid activity-triggered hypoglycemic events

Glooko, a startup focused on diabetes, has developed a tool that allows diabetics and their doctors to see what impact physical activity has on their conditions. It merges information from fitness wearables and biometric devices to help avoid hypoglycemic events.

Consultant says Sunshine Act leads to implicit coordination of payments to docs

Under the Sunshine Act, the new Open Payments database of payments made to physicians is leading life science companies to "implicitly" coordinate their payments in order to avoid being seen as the big payer to a particular doctor.

Xerox invests in HealthSpot, a telemedicine provider

Xerox, best known for its copy machines and document management systems, is investing in HealthSpot, a telemedicine provider that sets up kiosks that connect patients with physicians.

Supersensitive sensor to detect asthma/COPD receives $8.6M in funding

Pleasanton, CA's Spirometrix raised $8.6 million in funding for a sensor to detect and treat asthma and COPD, in a round led by Japan's NGK Spark Plugs, which gave $5 million.

Becton Dickinson ordered to notify customers about false-advertising claims for safety syringes

More than a year after a Texas jury told Becton Dickinson to pay $340 million in damages to Retractable Technologies in an antitrust battle over competing safety syringes, a U.S. federal court is ordering the devicemaker to notify customers that it made false claims about its product.

Ex-Apple CEO invests in telemedicine

Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley sees the mobile health market as the future patient-preferred healthcare option

FDA clears first patient-specific spinal rod

France's Medicrea Group said it has received FDA clearance for the world's first patient-specific spinal osteosynthesis rod, the UNiD, enabling physicians to order customized rods that match the spinal alignment of each patient.

Medtronic borrows $16B to cover rising costs of Covidien deal

Medtronic's $43 billion acquisition of Covidien has become increasingly expensive, requiring the medical device giant to borrow more than $16 billion, the company said in a massive regulatory filing.

Aethlon to begin U.S. testing for its Ebola treatment device by year end

Aethlon Medical said it will, by the end of the year, begin U.S. clinical trials of its Hemopurifier device following news a German patient suffering from Ebola was declared free of the deadly virus despite suffering multiple organ failure.

With fresh infusion of cash in tow, Thync rolls out wearable, noninvasive device to elevate mood

As the med tech industry casts its eye toward wearable, non-invasive devices to elevate mood, startup Thync is developing a smartphone-connected product that boosts users' mood by stimulating nerves in the head.

CMS will cover lung cancer screening for smokers, pleasing industry, medical associations

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services acted against the advice of its advisory committee by making the long-sought decision to offer Medicare reimbursement of CT scanning as a means of lung cancer screening among heavy smokers, earning the praise of groups like the Lung Cancer Alliance.

Medtronic makes concessions to European regulator in bid to close Covidien deal

Medtronic submitted concessions to the European Union regulatory commission last Friday. The antitrust authority will decide by Nov. 28 whether to clear the deal.

OrthAlign secures $15M to launch new navigation system for orthopedic surgery

Aliso Viejo, CA's OrthoAlign completed a $15 million financing round lead by previous investors River Cities Capital Funds and Mutual Capital Partners in support of its precision alignment technology that it says improves the accuracy of orthopedic surgery. 

The American Joint Replacement Registry hip and knee device database debuts

The American Joint Replacement Registry, the first national database keeping information on hip and knee replacements, released its inaugural report as part of a growing effort to track what have become almost common procedures in the U.S., but can result in expensive surgical repairs and costly legal action if they fail.

UPDATED: China FDA's new medical device importation regulations shorten review period

China's registration review process for imported medical devices and in vitro diagnostics has been shortened under new China FDA importation regulations that took effect last month, and companies that fail to follow the guidelines will not get a second chance, meaning any mistakes could prove fatal to a product's chances in China.

Covidien's 980 Ventilator Systems potentially deadly, recalled by FDA

The FDA has hit Covidien's Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator Systems with its most severe Class I recall, meaning there is a reasonable probability that use of the product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

The fight that never ends: J&J sues Boston Scientific for $4B over Guidant deal

Ironically, Johnson & Johnson is suing Boston Scientific for preventing it from acquiring ill-fated stent maker Guidant, thereby sparing the plaintiff from the $6 billion-plus in write-offs that Boston Scientific has incurred in the years following its 2006 acquisition.

Add 6 more health-tracking tools to latest round of crowdfunding

Six more companies looking for investors for their health-tracking tools or devices have signed up for crowdfunding campaigns through Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Device that performs hundreds of tests with a single drop of blood wins Nokia Sensing Xchallenge

The DNA Medicine Institute, developer of a diagnostic device that can perform hundreds of clinical lab tests with a single drop of blood, won the Nokia Sensing Xchallenge for promising medical sensing technologies.

Microsoft 3-D audio system helps the visually impaired navigate more easily

Microsoft engineers have developed a 3-D audio system that can help the visually impaired move about on city streets and within their homes with greater ease using Bluetooth technology.