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NIH pushes for biomarker research to catch up with needs of kids

In an effort to advance drug and disease research in children, a unit of the National Institutes of Health aims to fund studies of biomarkers of adult ailments for use in pediatric patients.

Urine-based genetic test triumphs in trial

Researchers garnered upbeat results from a large clinical trial of a genetic test for organ rejection in patients with transplanted kidneys.

Scripps scientists spot tropical disease marker in urine

Scientists found a molecular clue in their search for ways to wipe out one of the most devastating tropical diseases on earth. Known as river blindness, Onchocerciasis is a leading cause of vision loss, especially in the developing world. Yet the disease leaves behind a biomarker in the urine of patients that could easily identify those in need of treatment.

J&J's Gorsky looks to unload $2B diagnostics unit in biz reshuffle

A big development in the diagnostics industry emerged in Johnson & Johnson's heavy stream of earnings news today. The healthcare giant ($JNJ) is mulling options for its Ortho Clinical Diagnostics business, as CEO Alex Gorsky moves to emphasize the company's best prospects for growth.

Protein doubles as diagnostic and drug target for blood cancer

Scientists have tied the activity of a life-supporting protein for cells to poor outcomes in patients with the blood cancer multiple myeloma, according to ScienceDaily. And their findings could aid clinicians in diagnosing patients while exposing a target for new therapies.

Supreme Court to tackle gene patent case

The U.S. Supreme Court is going to take up a case that could have a major impact on the patentability of genes used in diagnostics.

Biotech grabs $2M to discover biomarkers for personalized autism treatment

Seaside Therapeutics wants to home in on which autism patients are likely to respond to its lead drug, STX-209 (arbaclofen). The Cambridge, MA-based biotech won a $2 million award with funds from Autism Speaks, a major research funder and advocate for awareness of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

Suspected anti-Parkinson's gene spotted in 23andMe database

A genetic finding has triggered research that could lead to a new weapon against Parkinson's disease, a neurological disorder in dire need of new therapies. And the discovery has come from a somewhat

Experts back biomarker test to catch HGH users

The Associated Press reported this week that a new biomarker test that could spot evidence of human-growth hormone in the blood for up to 21 days has garnered support from experts and scientists

Scientists piecing together genetic puzzle in type 1 diabetes

Scientists have hunted down genetic markers implicated in type 1 diabetes, adding to a body of genetic evidence about the metabolic disorder that could explain disease risk and expose pathways for