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Mark Hollmer, Contributing Editor

Mark Hollmer is a veteran life sciences journalist. Before joining FierceMarkets, he was a staff writer for "The Gray Sheet," an Elsevier Business Intelligence publication, where he wrote about medical device and diagnostics startups, and regulatory milestones for large companies in both sectors, among other topics. Previously, he spent several years as a life sciences and health care reporter at the Boston Business Journal, where he followed the biotechnology, medical devices, hospital and health insurance industries. Mark lives with his partner in Washington, D.C. where he enjoys the region's multiple museums, great restaurants and excellent cultural scene. You can reach him at

Articles by Mark Hollmer

Cleveland Clinic crew identifies possible lung cancer biomarkers

Cleveland Clinic scientists believe they have identified possible blood biomarkers that could help detect lung cancer, based on the alteration of metabolic processes that happens to patients with the disease at various stages.

For Q3, a dismal record of diagnostics venture investment

For the medical diagnostics industry, 2014 is looking like a seesaw in terms of venture investment trends.

BioMérieux subsidiary nails Medicare coverage for breast cancer molecular test

A subsidiary of French in vitro diagnostics giant bioMérieux gained Medicare coverage for a new breast cancer test, a vital milestone necessary to compete in today's market.

Celgene takes equity stake in Sequenta and its precise Dx tech

Sequenta attracted new equity investment from Celgene and other unnamed parties that back the use of its technology in the drug development process and the creation of new ultraprecise diagnostic tests.

Xagenic names CEO to help commercialize lab-free molecular Dx tech

Xagenic, a startup focused on developing a quick, automated, lab-free molecular diagnostic system, has dipped into the life sciences entrepreneurial world to hire its president and CEO.

Quest and LabCorp won't accept blood samples from suspected Ebola patients

Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, two of the biggest laboratory diagnostics outfits around, will not accept any blood samples from patients suspected of having the Ebola virus.

Virginia Tech finds possible biomarker for rare immunodeficiency condition

Virginia Tech researchers believe they've found a possible biomarker to help detect a rare genetic disease known as severe combined immunodeficiency, or SCID, which leaves patients needing to avoid all human contact and breathe filtered air in order to survive.

Gene sequencing helps Northwestern team diagnose one cause of epilepsy

Researchers at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine used a form of gene sequencing to identify mutations that appear to be behind a type of epilepsy disorder.

Biocept, Rosetta Genomics want to beef up Dx and biomarker-detection power

Biocept forged a partnership deal with a competitor that aims to build an enhanced molecular diagnostics test for circulating tumor cells in the blood. Success could breed a more precise test that aids patient diagnoses and drug development in equal measure.

British startup finishes quick and easy Ebola test

As anxiety levels over ebolavirus increase, a British startup is stepping up to the plate with what it claims is a quick and easy diagnostic test. If successful, the company's advance could help clinicians intervene with treatment far earlier than possible now, boosting a patient's survival chances.