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FDA approves test to determine chances of ovarian cancer

The FDA has given 510(k) clearance to Fujirebio Diagnostics to market the company's test to detect whether the silent killer of ovarian cancer is stalking women who come into physicians' offices with

Researcher opens path to blood test for early lung cancer detection

The earlier lung cancer is detected the higher the chances of less-invasive treatments and survival. But while this is an easy thing to say, there is no approved lung cancer screening test proven to

Cancer biomarkers could help thyroid patients avoid surgery

Out of the 30% of women who have a thyroid growth sometime in their life, doctors can rule out cancer in about 80% them based on biopsies. The other 20%, however, is a problem. Out of that group,

Drug giant Merck, biotech giant BGI team up to discover biomarkers

BGI will take all that sequencing power it possesses as the world's largest genomics center--the same power that helped crack the German E. coli case--and put it together with Merck ($MRK), one of

NIH awards $500,000 to various miRNA biomarker studies

GenomeWeb updates us on a few biomarker projects that have attracted the attention, and funding, of the National Institutes of Health, which gave them a combined total of about $500,000. They all

Thermo Fisher launches Biomarker Translational Center

A year ago, mass spectrometry experts Thermo Fisher Scientific ($TMO) helped launch a new Biomarker Research Center in Tokyo. Now, the company is doing the same thing a little closer to home, with

Quanterix tech helps measure Crohn's biomarkers

Quanterix, of Cambridge, MA, is touting its Single Molecule Array (SiMoA) technology in helping to measure inflammation biomarkers among patients with Crohn's disease. Crohn's is an inflammatory

Qiagen partners with Lilly on companion diagnostic for blood cancer drug

Diagnostics developer Qiagen is continuing its strategy of partnering with large pharmaceutical companies to develop companion diagnostics using its biomarkers. The latest partnership for Qiagen is

Biomarkers vs. pen-and-paper tests for Alzheimer's: which wins?

If you just go by the headlines, you'd think that the science of biomarkers had taken another hit. "Alzheimer's tests using pen and paper still the best," says the Booster Shots blog in the Los

Telomeres markers can help diagnose carcinomas

Telomeres are regions of repetitive DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes. Telomeres become shorter each time the cell divides. That's normal. What is not normal is when cancers counteract this