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Startup launches music-based device for stroke rehabilitation

Physical therapy to help stroke patients regain hand motor function after a stroke is so highly repetitive that patients often struggle through it. Irvine,CA-based startup Flint Rehabilitation Devices has launched a device that could make that process more effective and less excruciating.

Bard Q3 earnings up 41% as it focuses on Lutonix launch

C.R. Bard provided more clarity around the launch strategy of the first FDA approved drug-coated balloon, the Lutonix 035 Drug Coated Balloon Catheter, during its third quarter earnings call today.

Gamma Medica gets $11.5M for dense breast molecular imaging

Startup Gamma Medica is aiming to improve the odds and lower the cost of effective imaging of dense breast tissue with its molecular breast imaging tool. Now, it's gained a cash infusion of $11.5 million to aid in its commercialization efforts.

J&J prepares to face ruling in first Pinnacle hip implant trial

Johnson & Johnson is facing grave allegations that the company, in an effort to preserve billions in profit, ignored overwhelming evidence that its Pinnacle hip implants were highly dangerous.

Private insurers squeezing device companies in bid to limit costs

Expect medical device companies to feel the squeeze from the advent of reference pricing, whereby patients must bear procedures' expenses that exceed a predetermined threshold.