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  • Former Alere execs assemble $3.8B take-private offer

    Former Alere executives are putting together a $46-per-share takeover offer for the diagnostics company, according to a Sept. 15 SEC filing. Investors didn't embrace the offer entirely, but they did send shares up about 13% to $41.33 in midafternoon trading.

St. Jude halts Portico TAVR implants over safety concerns

St. Jude Medical has halted implantation of its Portico transcatheter aortic valve replacement due to concerns about reduced valve leaflet mobility arising from the company's U.S. clinical trials. The CE-marked device is intended for patients with severe aortic stenosis who are at high risk or contraindicated for surgical aortic valve replacement.

Harvard researchers develop dialysis device to fight Ebola

Amid mounting industry pressure to unveil a therapy to counter the deadly Ebola outbreak, researchers are developing an innovative dialysis device that fights the disease by filtering blood.

Vascular surgical robotics company Corindus raises $26.6M

Corindus Vascular Robotics has raised $26.6 million in a private placement to help it market its FDA approved CorPath Vascular Robotic System. This is the first FDA-approved device to apply robotics to coronary angioplasties; the agency cleared it in 2012 to be used in percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI).

Bioresorbable stent developer Amaranth Medical initiates new clinical trial

Stent developer Amaranth Medical is launching the MEND-II clinical trial to test its Fortitude Sirolimus-Eluting Bioresorbable Scaffold, a sign that companies large and small are keenly the new treatment paradigm for coronary artery disease involving stents that disintegrate within the body after a couple of years.

WSJ: What are the costs and benefits of early cancer screening?

Early cancer screening is causing a rise of unnecessarily aggresive treatments for non-serious abnormalities. But reducing early screening isn't much of an option either, with over half a million Americans dying from cancer annually, many from fast-developing cancers that spread quickly between screenings.


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Roche is again tracking down counterfeits of some of its cancer meds in Europe after an importer in Germany discovered the fakes. In this case, it is counterfeit MabThera, sold as Rituxan in the U.S.


Takeda didn't bring on non-Japanese COO Christophe Weber for nothing. The Osaka-based drugmaker, still faltering in the wake of its patent loss on diabetes champ Actos, was looking for a shake-up. And now, as promised, the blueprints for a new, reorganized company structure are here.