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J&J launches wellness platform with DePuy pain reduction program

Johnson & Johnson has launched a health and wellness platform that's slated to function across all its businesses. The pan-corporate initiative launched with an example from its orthopedics player DePuy Synthes--the Patient Athlete program to help joint replacement patients better manage pain reduction before and after surgery.

More lawsuits planned as infected endoscope safety scare grows

The duodenoscope safety saga is growing ever more dramatic. The infected endoscopes for visualization of the bile and pancreatic duct have left dead patients in their wake, since at least 1987, it turns out. Are duodenoscopes this year's equivalent of power morcellators? Attorney Peter Kaufman plans four to six additional lawsuits against duodenoscope manufacturer Olympus, including three wrongful death suits related to an outbreak of the antibiotic-resistant "superbug" known as CRE.

Device for remote, autonomous Parkinson's management being tested in Europe

Portuguese researchers are developing and testing a smart, portable system to manage Parkinson's disease in real time. The so-called Rempark system has been tested on more than 50 volunteers from Spain, Italy, Ireland and Israel, reports Medical Xpress. Unlike previous studies, these outpatients lived at home and used the device in real-world conditions.

St. Jude settles 70 suits related to Riata defibrillator leads for $14.25 million

St. Jude Medical agreed to pay as much as $14.25 million to settle about 950 claims related to its Riata defibrillator leads. The wires used to shock a heart that is beating abnormally degraded in as few as four years and were pulled from the market in 2010. 

Olympus slapped with suits from UCLA superbug patients over endoscope devices

Less than a week after the FDA warned healthcare providers that endoscopes' design could make them more difficult to clean, contributing to the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, Olympus is facing the first patient suit over the devices stemming from a "superbug" outbreak at the UCLA Health System in California.